Monday, January 7, 2013

Conflict with teenager

Arguing secure the connection with a teenager because it says that you accept and when you disagree. People who successfully resolve conflict are better partners and parents 

Leave the room during a heated argument. But let your teen to do the same.

Leaving the room you are sending a signal that the feud went in an undesirable direction, and you'll give yourself a few moments to cool down before continuing the discussion. So teach your child to quality of arguing, which will help him in all subsequent relationships.

Conflict is part of life, a good kick strengthens bond with the child as it allows him to have his own opinion, and yet we say we will get it, regardless of everything, love.

- To make an argument were constructive, follow three rules - advises psychologist Joanne Stern.First of all, make a border. Agree with that child abuse is unacceptable, insulting or rampage through the house. After Agree about boundaries, the child is aware that you are a parent, you can be punished if you do not respect the agreement. Put yourself in the child's skin and remember that everything passes.

This will help you to understand. You be the ones who will be in the midst of a fierce debate remain calm and let the drama of teenagers.
Triggers that will (rightly) angry every teenager

Do not go back into the past, but keep the topic being discussed currently. Although we do not compare your child with others. Phrases like "Your brother would never have made" are unacceptable. Forget about phrases like: "End of discussion" or "I've had it" because they show a lack of respect for the child's opinion.
Life after a bad argument

Learn how to recover from a bad fight. Tell your child: "I'm sorry. Know that I love you and, when cool, let's go to the movies. "
Question for calm debate

Question: "What do you really want to" show that you care enough to try to understand the child's needs. 

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