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Everyone has some feature ...

Everyone has the occasional feature in which we consider that the characteristic exclusive to us.Sorry, you need to say so openly, but if you believe the numerous scientific studies, none of us is special. Each trait or habit you have, no matter how unusual was, scientifically documented in psychology and medicine. However, while most of the habit completely harmless and medically uninteresting (not to say irrelevant), there are a few that never would have thought that the science is recognized as a subject of study. 

Trust me, after reading this article you will remember that among your friends and family there is at least one person who fits the description of a particular situation. So let's start ..

First Paresis

Standing over the urinal at the pump in the acorn and prepare in peace to do his silence when suddenly interrupted cleaner and Zaderi is "Here come the Makarska". Few seconds after you hear a bunch of voices coming from outside and footsteps approaching and you are aware that it is too late to perform emergency rooms rather than in the toilet rushed 10 people traveling for 3 hours and are ready to occupy all the toilets.

If you're one of the unfortunates who in such a situation can never go to the bathroom, or one of the people standing in the line of that and wonder why the guy in front of them for 3 minutes talking with the urinal and you're not talking about the unknown, you're not the only one . This disorder is called paresis, which is the scientific term for sramežljivot urinating, "fear stage" or whatever you want to call it.

People with this disorder can not urinate while others around them are present, be they real or imaginary. Paresis is much more common in men, but not entirely unusual occurrence in women. It is believed that only in the U.S., 17 million people are living with this disorder.

Paresis is, thankfully, ceased to be a bogey, and since it was recognized as a medical problem, relatively successfully treated. The best results are shown group therapy treatments that are successful in 8 of 10 patients.

Also, in the U.S. paresis is a legitimate reason why you can not refuse "jury duty" or juror duty to be in the UK because of paresis can refuse to test urine for drugs.

Second Onikofagija

Onikofagija is the scientific term for nail biting and is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. It is believed that about 45% of people in the world between 10 and 18 years suffer from onikofagije (more commonly affects men) and among the most famous onikofagistima (sic) are Britney Spears, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Eva Mendes and Phil Collins.

At the very least a bad habit of biting nails severe cases can cause painful and sometimes permanent injury to her cheeks, nails, teeth and oral hygiene. In addition to these physical consequences, nail biting leaves and psychological, such as self-esteem, quality of interaction with other people and can even affect employment opportunities.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available on the market, from nail polishes that have a very unpleasant taste, special "glove" polish based medical therapy and rehab.

3rd Disorder of uncontrolled emotions

You just broke my grandmother's 200 year old vase that was in your family for generations. While grandmother screaming in rage and disbelief, your first reaction, instead of apologizing, and pokunjenosti, the overwhelming urge to hysterical laughter. Trying to abstain, but your raised eyebrow turns into a smile, smile in barely kept laughing and laughing in the end becomes hysterical screaming with laughter.

If you also had something like this, chances are that you suffer from a disorder of uncontrolled emotion. This disorder is exactly what its name says, the opposite reaction from those that would be expected određeoj situation, such as depressive reactions to good news and laughing in a tense situation or inappropriate, such as implements.

Believe it or not, it is considered that the cough syrup and Quinidine assist in alleviating this disorder, although we are not sure that being "the guy who frantically booze cough syrup to enforce" the ideal solution.

4th Mizofonija

Each of us has a particular sound that irritates him, it was scraping nails on a chalkboard, finger or voice crackling Dolores. What happens, though, when people just go crazy at the sound of some common sounds completely? Mizofonija, that's what.

Mizofonija is a condition in which a person suffers from her furious to normal, most people are completely everyday sounds, such as coughing, chewing, breathing or any similar sound. Here without talking about a situation where someone you next to your ear very loudly munches a banana or anything else for long enough and loud to irritate you, but we think of people who simply "snap" when they hear the sound.

Interestingly, the level of aggression in these people, and the reaction will be worse as a person of sound that comes with them emotionally connected, such as family members or friends.

Understandably, people who suffer from mizofonije suffer numerous other social, loving, professional, and other consequences that come along with such a disorder. For mizofonije treatment using a combination therapy with medication in more severe cases, people you need to reorganize life in a way that you never hear the sound that bothers them.

5th Alexithymia

How many times have you heard friends do you complain to them that their partners would never entrust a soul nor open?

Believe it or not, this is the situation in some cases can be explained by an interesting condition called alexithymia. Alexithymia is a term used to describe a lack of understanding, processing, and describing emotions.

Nearly all men have some degree of this condition, but problems appear only in people whose level is too high. It is believed that about 10% of people suffering from disorders of high degree of alexithymia, which gives more than enough reason girls around the world to be angry with your guys.

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