Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Friendship is the perfect remedy

Friendliness of the people works better than any psychotherapy 

A friend is known and happiness, and listening to solve half the problem. True friends are rare jewels of and should be valued, says psychologist Mirjana Krizmanic 

Relationships with other people and all forms of attachment are the most precious thing in life, says psychologist Mirjana Krizmanic, author of "Web of Life", widely read self-help manuals in Croatia.

- Do you have a good friend, you do not have to go psychologist. When someone who is close to you, who knows you and understands your value system expose a problem, and you're halfway to a solution. You had a problem into words and to expose someone who will be able to have a better idea than you do - she said.

- Close relations are what we are most dense. A special value of friends is that we are not allied to them related, and yet we have developed a relationship of loyalty - adds Professor. others. M.Krizmanić and shows how, contrary to the opinion of uvriježenomu, friends know not only the need but also happiness.

- When something good happens, they have a need to share, but people are often very jealous of another's success. True friends do not envy each other, so they are not alone either in joy or in sorrow - says Mirjana Krizmanic. Unfortunately, many friendships fail because people do not pay enough attention to:

- The biggest mistake people make in friendship is to think that friendship lasts forever and that some friends should not bother. But all relationships require them to devote time to each other we're at hand, not out of greed, but because they act like it. Friends should be given time, inquire about them, they will be loyal and eager to help - said prof. others. M. Krizmanić.
No familiarity without friendship

Friendship as a form of behavior exists in other relationships, said Mirjana Krizmanic.

- Friendship is important everywhere. There should be in the relationship between parents and adult children, as well as marriage. No good marriage that is based only on love and passion. If no friendly component, will be held. Other emotions are temporary and subject to change, but if the love is underpinned by a friend, it may be permanent - says Mirjana Krizmanic.
People can learn a lot from animals

Animals communicate (dogs, cats and birds) can not be friends because they have the capacity for empathy and know when you are well, and when he does wrong. They teach us, and behavior - many people stay in relationships where they are humiliated, with no intimacy and affection. Cat you'll never let that happen. Pets teach us to respect other people's needs. Walk the dog is healthy and a good way to find friends. Dog owners to socialize, no wonder you have the interest and drive, says Mirjana Krizmanic.
On the children's well wait to grow up

The children need to be sensitive, but they are wrong to try to be friends while we were growing up.Then they need a parent with them to set boundaries. It gives the children a sense of security. By the friendship between parents and children come only when children become emotionally mature people. Friendship can last throughout adulthood, but when the parents grow old, they change roles and the children care for their parents, says prof. others. M. Krizmanić.
It's never too late to stop the bad and build better relationships

Some "friends" though it does not pay to keep:

- If a relationship is not quality, does not contribute to a better quality of life, but troubled, unhappy, upset, it should be discontinued. This applies to all interpersonal relationships, except for the relationship between parents and children. Friendship should not be interrupted by an incident or alleged treason, for example., If our friend had not jumped in to help when we have to expect from him. But if repeated unpleasant and unfair reaction, if every time we leave in the lurch, gossip about others before us and repeating bad behavior, it's not friendship, not a relationship that enriches and must be ended - Mirjana Krizmanic said, adding that is never too late to find new friends.

- To meet friends, should be open and talk to people in every situation - in the waiting room, on the street, in a bar ... You need to go out into society known and meet new people. We should not be closed, suspicious and expect to find other people get on my nerves. You can find friends all his life, regardless of age. Even reclusive, introverted people can make friends if you show a genuine interest - says prof. Krizmanić and added:

- Courtesy and consideration are the maximum important in all relationships. If you are polite and considerate, will nurture you and almost every relationship. People would be happier together that all such relationships - said prof. others. Krizmanić.
Failure to comply with the second and honesty are not the same

Some think it's a friendly behavior tell your friend that her husband is cheating, but it's an invasion of someone else's life. If your friend is not very smart, he will not say 'you're stupid' because he can not change. Also, people have different preferences and a friend if you say 'your hiking is silly, you indicate that you do not appreciate. It does not have to be a little silly if you are not interested. It is wrong to criticize the kids and friends as he teaches how to best knows and thinks. You can point out if you see a wrong act with children, but children should not be criticized, Mirjana Krizmanic explains.
True friends are rare jewels of

Most people have no more than five to seven real friends. Others are there to socialize and hang out, but not friends. There are different levels of friendship. Not to mention some intimate things and difficult problems, but we spend time together. It's a little milder form friendships. With the right friends you have the feeling that you are soul mates, to understand and read books like this, and there are few people. You can not have a heap of real friends, but only one is a great fortune. Human affection should appreciate.
Insults have no place in relation

A large number of human relationships suffer because they are not sufficiently well-behaved people, they think they are at a friend can act as he pleases, to criticize and say whatever comes to mind. You must know how to appreciate other people's tastes, habits and values. Today it is less and more people are offended, but among friends no place for insults, says Mirjana Krizmanic. 

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