Monday, January 7, 2013

How do you change yourself?

Start from the ground up: The work on the intellect, the change appearance of intuition and listening are important if you want to turn the page, and it is best to start work on one goal 

Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut, you think you do not exploit their potential and are generally dissatisfied with life, it is time to fundamentally change the habits and ways of thinking.

For starters try to work on his mental faculties - listen to classical music, learning foreign languages, solving crossword puzzles ... Even physical activity such as learning dances and indoor drinking water often stimulates brain cells, according to the latest American research. Only then you will easily get the idea to start a better life. But to get you started from scratch, it is good to work on physical appearance. Ventured to try a completely new hairstyle, hair color, style of dress and make-up ...

Experiment until you find a style that you are most satisfied. Listening to intuition will also help you to get the new, better way of life and not miss a potential opportunity for success. The inner voice is rarely wrong, so do not ignore it. But in addition to listening to intuition, and the elaborate body language. Walk up straight, look people in the eye and you'll act more confident, and thus be better prepared for new challenges. Also, it is important to think about the bad habits that hinder you. For example, if you always lose your temper when someone gets angry rather sit down, begin to breathe deeply and calmly count to ten.

Mute the voice in your head that hampers

Think about which most fats, which are the hidden desires, goals ... Write them down and start taking small steps towards their realization. It is important that you repeat: "I know, and I can not," and silence the "evil" voice that tells you that you are disabled.

Do not ignore the talent and compliments

If you are too modest, and do not underestimate the know accept a compliment, now it is time to change this pattern of behavior because that certainly will not reach their full life potential. Also, most will not go wrong if you have any talent, and you decide to devote his attention it deserves.
Do not be afraid of challenges

Do not immediately say "no" to any new situation or challenge that scares you. If you accept it, you will strengthen confidence and perhaps make new, valuable skills that you will always be able to take advantage of. 

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