Monday, January 7, 2013

How easily live?

10 steps to a simpler life with minimalist lifestyle. 
Life in the modern world can be very complicated, leading to the accumulation of stress and dissatisfaction. A sense of calm has been invaluable, and the path to it is easier through simplicity.Simplicity in all walks of life helps us get rid of unnecessary worry and stress, and allows us to turn things that really love doing. Today's world is loaded with material things and the constant desire to have more and better.

Make life easier does not mean to have less stuff, duties and responsibilities. Simplifying life refers not only to address the things that burden us and are unhappy. Simplicity means that we finally have the freedom to do what we love and that we have more space and time to spend as you wish. Paulo Coelho wrote that freedom is not the absence of commitments, but a choice and commitment to yourself and what's best for us.

Here are ten steps to a simpler life. Be more with less!

First Prioritize

The first step in the simplification of life is to identify what is truly important to you. What brings you the positive things in life, such as wages, emotional satisfaction, improves physical health, brings you closer to your goals - these are the things that you have set as their priorities. Make a list of a few things that are important to you and focus on them.

Second Evaluate your time and commitments

Think about your day, how you spend it from morning to bedtime and try every day to fulfill obligations. Out of your day that is not in line with your priorities.

3rd Simplify obligations

Multitasking is complicated and can lead to stress, and are often less productive. At work but also at home, impose obligations that are more important and should be done first. Never start any other service, if you have not finished the first.

4th Do what you love

Find and free up time for the important things, especially for what you love. Of course, you can not get rid of all but eliminate what you lose on time, which increases your stress, it makes you satisfied, and away from their goals. Spend time with people you love.

5th Learn to say NO

Many times we want to please all around and then we come to forget about what they themselves want and need. People who do not know and refuse to say no to you further complicate life.

6th Limit the use of technology

At the present time it is impossible to live without technology, especially without telephones or mobile phones and the Internet, and many people can not imagine to leave the house without a cell phone. Make your own schedule and stick to it. Check e-mail once or twice a day, and reduce the time you spend on chat and phone conversations. This also applies to media exposure. Do not let your TV, car radio, and the Internet at home, at work and in life become dominant.

7th Get rid of clutter

Neat and clear simplify home and office life easier for you to find the things you need, and contributing to the sense of peace of mind. Get rid of all the things that you have not used one year and the clothes and shoes you do not wear and what you do not.

8th Do not buy what you do not need

You must understand what it means to have enough. Many people do not know how to stop and constantly buying new technological gadgets, clothes and shoes, always looking to have new and more. Stop the vicious circle.

9th Spend time alone

The time you spend alone in silence allows us to understand what is truly important to us in life. Find the time that you spend in solitude and reflection.

10th Keep a healthy lifestyle

An unhealthy diet leads to health problems, and this further complicates life. Exercise and a healthy diet helps you feel better and healthier. If you everyday daily menu planning takes time and contributes to stress, try once a week to plan the menu for the whole week. 

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