Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How smart are dolphins?

Dolphins are so smart that they must be considered as 'non-human persons' and give them their own rights, according to scientists. 

The coalition of scientists, philosophers and animal rights activist, called Helsinki group, released a declaration on the rights of dolphins which they hope will one day be incorporated into the law. This would protect them from captivity in zoos and water parks, and fishermen from the attacks, the Daily Mail reports.

The whales would also be elevated above other animals, and this list of rules to kitovce classified as a murderer, it was said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver. Observation and study of whales will also have their own rules - will respect the privacy of these creatures. Development Programs and oil companies will have to consider how much effect it will have on their project life and culture of these animals.

"The scientific evidence is now strong enough to support the claim that dolphins are just like people, are self-conscious, intelligent beings with emotions and personality. Thus, the Dolphins should be regarded as 'non-human persons' and evaluate them as individuals. From an ethical point of view, personal injury, death or capture of dolphins is wrong, "said the philosopher Thomas White.

When their brain weight compared to the total body weight dolphins are the second largest brains on Earth, after humans. Can be seen in the mirror, grieving for a lost calf, feed the sick partners, collaborating with fishermen about catching fish. If given the opportunity, will watch television and listen to the instructions on the screen, as for example, chimpanzees are only after a few months of training. Dolphins can learn to understand the words, sentences and requirements. Like humans, they are very unselfish and not a few times they came to help swimmers and surfers who were attacked by sharks. They use body language, use the 'regional accents', and the males are courting the females gifts - from bouquets of weeds and clumps of sticks to marine litter. 

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