Monday, January 7, 2013

How to beat the negative emotions?

7 Steps to a balanced sense of life. 
We often feel that negative thinking and negative emotions prevail over the positive. We want out of my life everything that causes us a sense of sadness and helplessness towards ourselves and others.Although all emotions, positive and negative, all-natural, it is important that, to what extent and for how long they affect our lives.

Here are seven steps to help you overcome the negative and allow the return of the one positive in his life.

First Understand your emotions

Suppress the negative emotions and ignore them, happens to us that they come out in a different form. Negative emotions are not always bad, so we have to find out what they tell us. Although it is considered that the fear, anger, sadness, jealousy and hatred unwanted feelings, they can actually help us to make some decisions and warn us that something in our life is out of balance.

Second Change as far as possible

When you understand what and why you experience a negative emotion, you have the ability to leverage their drivers. Can you make a change at this time to enter a positive change in your life, do it. The specific actions we can start to get out of the current state of mind in which we feel helpless.

3rd I do not always think about the past

We can not change the past, but it is not easy to forget. Remember the only good things from the past and remember that you will again experience the positive feelings. Constantly thinking about the negative aspects of the past does not allow us to live in the present moment.

4th Accept change

When negative events occur rapidly, it is necessary to pass several stages before we go back to the previous state of mind. It is important to know to accept the change and the new situation.

5th Avoid negative people and situations

The environment in which we live has a big impact on our thinking and feelings. Do you spend a lot of time in an unhealthy environment, such as in communication and conflict with difficult people, difficult to control and direct your emotions in the right direction. If possible, move away from people who belittle discourage you.

6th Find support

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where our negative impact on a person who is very close to us. Would you like to introduce positive changes in your life, surround yourself with people who will give you support and encourage your confidence.

7th Focus on the positive

Many times we are going to get away from your dreams and goals, which causes negative emotions.Focusing on the smallest things that are positive, it may seem irrelevant, but it's better than just a burden on the negative side. The way of thinking is important. In my mind simply change negative thinking into positive, for example, instead of losing imagine success. 

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