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How to change your life?

A great step forward: Any change is scary, the way to overcome fear is to step into the core of the situation that scares you, the author points out 'Bibles' self 

For fear pulled by hand and give up on your dreams. Mantra that you can start to get rid of the shackles of fear is in the title of best-selling book by Susan Jeffers' Feel the fear and move on in spite of it ". The author, who herself won their fears and, after becoming a mother, returned to study and achieve their goals, opened new dimensions of self-help.

Her book became the "bible" of millions of people who struggle with fear, including the number of stars. The book has sold 15 million copies, and was re-released after 25 years. Susan Jeffers says that you should always keep in mind that any change in the life of a scary and no one is immune to the fear of the unknown. The root of all fears is the fear that we will not be able to deal with the situation if the worst case scenario happens.

The author recommends the book - you say: "I can do it, I will deal with the new circumstances, and I shall go away". The only way to overcome fear is to step out of your comfort zone and step into the essence of a situation that scares you.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for a raise, rise up in defense of their positions at work, turn in his career or take a trip around the world.
Five truths about fear

The only way to overcome the fear of someone step is to take that final step.
To feel better about themselves, reject fear and take action.
You're not alone - other people feel fear when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory.
I fear will not go away and disappear until you let him continue to flourish and grow.
Overcome fear is easier than to live in fear, which creates a sense of helplessness.

Without paralysis

Fear is a natural reaction to the sudden impulsive change of circumstances, but also the worst reaction during life crises, warns personal trainer Pat Barone. Fear is a powerful emotion that paralyzing effect prevents you go further in the direction of your dreams.
The foundation of all fears is the lack of confidence in yourself

Anxiety and fear are the triggers for a variety of reactions - muscles become tense, there was an eruption of adrenaline and stress hormones, and looked down from the tree do not see the forest. It is not said without reason that the big eyes in fear because when we are afraid, we do not see things as they are. We note the black side of life while good things go unnoticed. In such circumstances, a dark situation seems worse than it is, and decide hastily. However, there is no way that in spite of the fear get to the finish line in just four steps.
Action plan for victory in four steps

First Evaluate your life

Please consider carefully and determine which is your true purpose in life. Weigh how much he means to you and to develop a detailed itinerary to its realization.

Second Put fear in quarantine

Materijalizirajte fears. Turn them into words on paper, and then paper tears to pieces with him reject fear.

3rd Go on the offensive

Okupirajte is not fear but themselves. Work on yourself, learn your perfection, build a career. With an increase in the fear will decrease.

4th Otherwise spend money

Financial security free from fear, therefore restrain its spending appetites, save and invest money prudently.

Sort priorities

See the clear to you life goals - whether you want to save and achieve financial security, finish college, lose weight, get promoted at work ... After you set goals, analyze what they specifically mean to you and how important they are in your life.
Fears throw in a bottle

Whenever you feel the fear and anxiety out on paper afraid of them, and then it Poder and discard.You can fold a piece of paper and you throw in a bottle. If you can quickly deal with the pieces of paper, it's a sign that you are living in bondage of fear, and it's time for a change.
Progress is the best tool

Invest in yourself, to educate and find their own values. Change your attitude towards money, work out a plan of action, and unleash creativity. Work on attitudes and make room for gratitude for the appreciation will experience positive changes in mood.
Occasionally reward

Deliberately decide to purchase and invest and get rid of financial fears. It is extremely important that you be satisfied with any investment. Therefore, spending money on what you love and the places where you feel as good as your favorite restaurant or on the road. 

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