Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to control jealousy?

First of all it is important to know your limits. Pay attention to how you feel. Study your emotions.There are many reasons why people may be envious and jealous, but if you try to get to know yourself, you can take control of any possible damage in the making. 

Keep in mind that jealousy occurs in combination with uncertainty. That does not mean that you have a low opinion of themselves, but to think that others have. In the case of a rich relative that would mean that no matter what job you love and the life that you've created, you have the feeling that you family cost less because you are not rich and successful as he is.

Remember that's the way you feel yourself most of all, so the next time it praised the performance of its new car or a holiday spent in an exotic location, just off. Auto anyway you do not like it, and you just can not even think of going to the Seychelles. Why, then, bother his vehicle and recent travels? It makes no sense why destroy a family lunch.
Regardless of whether your business jealousy, love, or any other kind, what you need is to love yourself. If you are envious and jealous, accept that there are certain reasons. No way it crush your head, or repressed emotion. Rather racionalizirajte what you feel. Place the paper on the things that make you jealous. Leave it overnight and the next day head cold read what you wrote. Believe me, the morning will be referred to seem less serious.

How to be a less enviable

I envy other people for their success? Does that kind of feeling on your own evaluation? If so, you have to become aware that such thinking spend much of their energy and resources in vain.

When I was a third grade teacher we once promised that the class that gets the most garbage, in an organized campaign to clean the park, instead of math next week to watch the movie. And you have to realize that all the time we had no TV and it was something special. At the end of the day in which we all gave their best as we waited for the publication of winning teacher said that we are all equally gather and how we can all watch the movie. Personally, I was pleased. Although I believe that mathematically we could all collect the same amount, I'm not opposed. After all, we're all going to watch the movie instead of doing math. There was no reason to be dissatisfied, we were all winners.But apparently, many of the children were upset. I remember one boy said: "It's no fun to be a winner if no one is a loser." Some of the time the film grumbled and not be able to relax and enjoy the movie, but they complained about injustice. Obviously, many are not able to enjoy personal success if they are not left behind by someone defeated.
Of course, we were kids, but quite often notice that the child's mind today and in adults, and people built. People are often unhappy when there is no reason to be dissatisfied when they actually win.
If you frequently find yourself with how others are envious of their success, ask yourself why? Is the success of that person in some way encourage your failure? Is it because you believe that the success of a limited resource and that all winners in this world your competitors? Is it because you think that life is cruel, and that everyone else has better luck than you?
In my position these are the scariest thoughts that you have and if you do not remove the head will destroy all potentials for happiness that you have.
Of course, the world is full of competitive situations: job interview, scholarship contest ... But the mind creates a competitive situation where there are none. Five schools in the petition regardless of whether you're the only one who has received or is everyone else got. A raise is a raise, no matter someone else got higher or lower than you. If you get as much as you are looking for there is no reason to be dissatisfied. In such situations, others do not determine is whether you succeed or you lose. It's entirely up to you. Even in some highly competitive situations such as sporting events, success usually has more to do with how you feel but about who your opponents.
Next time you notice the envy of the other man cut down in such a sense of design. Do not let him take hold, it will not get you anywhere, nor bring you any good. Instead of looking at success as a glass of water to be able to win a predator, watch as the inexhaustible source.
If someone else is doing well, wish him luck. Enjoy his success as our own. And you continue to try and come alone where he is. 

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