Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to memorize the names of speakers?

How to memorize the names of the other person? 
Now how many times you remember the first name of the person immediately upon learning about?Is it your statement "I remember faces but not names"? Or maybe "I'm looking at someone, from somewhere I know, but it can not be placed in context."

Here are the instructions Tonyia Buzan (university professor who has devoted his career life themes of memory and learning, the makers of mental maps) that just simply remember the person's name.
First Mental outlook
Before meeting with strangers, mentally prepare yourself for that success. Many of us approach it lightly, advance "knowing" that the bad and remember the names of people.
This certificate acts as a "self-fulfilling prophecy" - if you believe that you are the person who can not remember the name, you will not even remember. If you want to remember something, you must first and decide.
Second Watch
While one gets acquainted with people inevitably watch them in the eye. While you watch someone's face, you see its uniqueness.
If you can sharpen your observations, you will make a major step towards improving your memory.Blankly watching, instead of careful observation, one of the main reasons for poor memory.
Give that person a metaphor, to whom or what it reminds you to create an association that will easily remember.
3rd Image names
Try to create a clear mental picture of the person's name. Imagine his or her name as it is written on paper or board.
4th Listen
Consciously listen, paying most attention sonority name of the person whom he meets. This is a decisive moment in which to introduce many people fail, because they are more focused on the fact that such an acquaintance forgotten, but the sound of the name of the person you meet.
Often we do not pay attention to the name of the person who pronounces it, because the more we think about what we say, how you present or how it sounds, but the other person says. Make sure that you can actually "hear" the sound of a person's name.
5th Association
Reconstruct itself in the person's character, using your imagination, like the cartoonist.
Connect with the name of the person all the prominent features that you find, using their imagination, exaggeration and humor.
6th Ask repetition
Repetition is an important aid in remembering. Each repetition of the term you want to remember increases the chances that you remember.
7th Repeat during the interview
Try whenever possible while talking to new people pronounce their names.
This will help to firmly implant the name in your memory, and socially acceptable, because the whole conversation gives a more intimate tone.
People will be much more satisfied if the conversation with, "Yeah, like that lady just told Mary," rather than, "Yeah, like she just said."
8th Repeat to yourself and check
The exercise can be used in places where once you get to know more people (entertainment, education, college ...). Observe with interest the various people around you talking, repeating to himself the names and other information that you learn about them. So you surround each name associations.
Now you can not say that you are a person who does not remember their names or persons. These techniques also train your brain and increase memory capacity. 

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