Monday, January 7, 2013

How to recognize a liar?

Signs discover people who make up stories and lie

Who would not want to catch a liar in his carefully thought-out lies? In a perfect world, honesty is the best policy, but we all know that many people will lie to achieve what they want. This principle can be applied to any personal or business relationship, where trust is important. If you want to know how to catch a colleague who constantly lie to you or your spouse is cheating, or you're just curious and want to know if they are honest with the people around you, then you should know the signs of lying.

First How do people talk?
Although the change of voice (no matter how subtle a) can be a sign of lying, experts say that you, if you want to be sure, we pay attention to the speech rate and breathing - if it speed up or slow down, the chances are that what you hear is not true .

Second What are you people talking about?
Liars tend to avoid the exclusive words like "but," "or," "but" and "and" because they have trouble with complex thought processes. Less likely to use words like "I," "me" and "mine". In an attempt to distance themselves from their lies, will pronounce fewer personal pronouns and adjectives.

3rd Ask an unexpected question.
One secret tactics you can use to catch a liar in the act is to ask direct questions when he / she does not expect it. Imagine a colleague who has lied to you and that is suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with difficult questions which you ask. He will probably be caught and will stammer and try to come up with new confusion lies to bolster their side of the story. Later, he can stand back and see if there are any discrepancies in the details.

4th What is body language?
If you want to catch a liar in a lie, you will need to pay attention to his body language. When you face a perverse counterpart (or spouse), pay attention to his behavior - look for signs of anxiety such as playing with the fingers of the hand, changes in tone of voice, touching the face and head, and the lack of direct sight.

5th Reveals the face of it?
Maybe misllite to hide your true feelings can easily be achieved with the help of a smile, but experts say facial expressions are unaware that there are "micro" expressions that can not be hidden. Since it is very short and almost unnoticeable, it is important to pay attention because they show tells the person you are speaking the truth.

6th As the person smiling?
A smile can sometimes mask the true feelings of people. Pay attention to how a person smiles, and other facial movements, and then you will probably be able to discover the emotions that he or she is trying to hide - such as fear, anger and disgust. A real smile will always include the lips and eyes.

7th Behaving strangely?
Experts believe that any change in the overall behavior of the individual can be suspected. You should compare the speech, tone of voice, posture and gestures that are in front of you with what is normal for that person, and so decide whether the person is telling the truth.

8th Is that a question or just annoying?
It is normal that someone looked away when it's an awkward or very difficult situation, but if he looks away when you ask a simple question, but then it was very suspicious.

9th Too much detail.
When you ask someone, '"Where have you been?", And he says: "I went to the store, it took me eggs, milk and sugar, and there I met aunt with whom I talked, and I am on the road and almost hit a dog had I drive slow ... "and so on and on - it gives too much detail. Too much detail can mean that a lot of thought about what to say and how to get out of a situation, so he devised a complicated lie as a solution.

10th Look for inconsistencies.
How to catch a liar of lying, you must be a good listener. A liar will often leave out or forget some crucial information that could reveal the contradictions until you tell their fabrications. For example, if a colleague said he was sick, so all you have to do, but was later caught said he had a great time with friends at a concert - it is obvious that he lied about the disease.

11th Pay attention to your intuition.
People say, "It was a woman's intuition," but we would have to define what you feel more like a deviation from the true emotions. Often we know that something just is not the way it should be - you just need to know how to recognize.

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