Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to recognize a lie?

Surely you've often been in situations where you would want to hide their feelings. Perhaps you were angry or sad or in love, not that you did not want others to see it. Or maybe you are a deliberate attempt to get along. But as the words tried to hide his feelings, either consciously or unconsciously, non-verbal signs are traitors who would normally give us. Even when a person tries to consciously control their nonverbal cues, however, break out the true feelings even though it may be just the fraction of a second.

No matter what he does in a situation where you are, we will be at an advantage if we can recognize when someone hold back the truth. While perhaps the most difficult to distinguish from lying nervousness. Sometimes a person entrusted with the task to transmit or provide information, news, and it is with that message and data disagrees. In such a situation, the warning signs that the body sends to be at odds with the message.
General question is: ¨ Is it possible that the body is false? ¨. General answer to that question is no, because of the lack of conformity movements, mikrosignala indicates that the body and the spoken word. For example, when the fraudster provides hands and smiling you are telling a lie, it's mikrokretnje chamber and accidentally. Pupils constrict, one eyebrow may be raised or corner of the lips for a moment, shrivel, and all the signals are contrary to the palms of the meaning of gestures and sincere smile. The consequences are that the party is not ready to believe what they hear. The human mind has seemed to idle a safety mechanism to registered ¨ ¨ controversial when it receives a series of messages with mismatched gestures. Known, however, cases in which the body language deliberately trying to deceive in order to achieve certain benefits. For example, competition for the Miss World or Miss Universe, in which each participant performed meticulously prepared body movements that could give the impression of warmth and sincerity. Many politicians are real experts at lying body language to win over voters who will believe what they are saying. For a politician who is skilled in volume is usually said to have charisma ¨ ¨.

There are many movements or signals that indicate that someone is lying. As with everything else when it comes to body language, it is advisable to ask additional questions to better fathom the true feelings of his interlocutors.

First Hand over mouth

The hand over the mouth shows that a person does not speak. It can also mean affectionate, quick flick of a finger over his lips.

Second Limited movement

In some people will perceive limited movement hands. Gesticulating with his hands stop when people are unsure of what they are saying. Then the natural movement of the hands of those people are almost completely stop, because they have to really focus on what they say they would not be given the impression that you are quite sure of himself. In normal conversation, even the hands in the pockets of moving. Such movement is marked by nervousness.

3rd Lickanje lips

If someone starts to lick her lips nervously, it may mean that it is not entirely sure of his words.

4th Nervous cough

Nervous cough can mean just that, a nervous cough. However, if someone starts coughing while you and explain your situation, and this was followed by another, that person inappropriate gestures, it should be borne in mind that probably lying.

5th Blushing

Blushing Zoran warning sign that a person does not feel comfortable in that society. You might think this is what the story or just the presence of someone with whom she is not comfortable in front of anyone, or feel powerless and can not express true feelings. No flushing may indicate that a person feels uncomfortable about their own words.

6th Irregular breathing

Improper breathing is a sure sign of discomfort. However, only active observation can recognize changes in breathing other people.

7th Tapping feet

It is a warning sign that often send people very tense. It is a sign that warns us to speed up the conversation. But it may also indicate that a person is lying to us.

8th Squirming slightly

Common people, while lying completely rule your body. The hand moves very slightly, the face is almost no mime, voice loud and clear. Yet, despite these indications of safety and self-control, we observe a slight vrpoljenje.Meškolji are trying to overcome the motion.

9th Avoiding views

Avoiding look is very often when a person is uncomfortable topic for discussion, or would prefer to jump over or something failed. This movement should be recognized and be prepared to further questions which we will discover the truth.

10th Eyes closed

You must have seen people who say their eyes closed. Tom motioned us show that we want to be in a situation in which they find themselves. They want to be somewhere else. Excluded are the unpleasant sight.

11th Mute your voice

When people lie, there may be the calming voice. For example, the conversation usually supporting voice and gestures, and then, suddenly, gestures and voice faded out. The voice takes on a lowered tone. This indicates a lie. Therefore, at any time, absolutely necessary to actively listen.

The trouble with lying is that the subconscious mind acts automatically and independently of our spoken lies, and our body language reveals so. Therefore, the people who rarely lie easy to catch in a lie, no matter how much ambition to act uvjerljvo. The moment you begin to lie body sends conflicting signals, and hence our pervasive feeling that they are not telling us the truth.

While lie is, the subconscious sends nervous, which is reflected as a gesture to counteract the words we hear. People who lie integral part of the job, such as lawyers, politicians, actors, TV presenters, hone their gestures in two ways. First, rehearse what you feel ¨ ¨ gesture as true when you say a lie, but that's only if they succeed in the long run devotedly practiced telling lies without end. Second, they are able to get rid of almost all gestures, so that when they speak untruth show neither positive nor negative movements. 

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