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Hyperactive dreamers

Features hyperactive dreamers 

Hyperactive dreamers - they were quite different consciousness leads to a different perception, thinking and understanding the world, including the response to it. Emotional passion, dreaming, conceptual thinking and hyperactivity are their main characteristics that make them different.

They are characterized by:
•   Creativity
•   Intelligence
•   Curiosity
•   Imagination
•   Emotion, emotion
•   Intuition
•   Dreamers and visionaries
•   Determination, risk takers

A mind filled with ideas and imagination is very difficult to focus on something monotonous and dull but it does not mean that he has the focus. Just because their attention is focused on their own thoughts as they appear inattentive.

When you work on what they are interested in, the excess energy begins to serve as fuel and becomes an inexhaustible energy for activities they perform.

Very often people do not start something because of too much analysis, addition and subtraction.Some things you can do and achieve, although statistics suggest it is possible. Their impulsiveness and impatience often gives them a boost.

Emotional passion

Emotion or sentiment is their base that they are marked and thus constitutes their essence. They give their best only influenced by the emotional fervor that comes to life in the most interesting items person. Inside the emotional fervor hides a large amount of energy which the individual expressed through his work. Emotional passion changes their perception, and then perceive that what they do with all my spirit. Such emotional state influences the mental ability - then the deeper, faster, and more powerful.
Emotional passion leads to hiperfokusa. Hiperfokus's not just the thought of something. It is the experience of something on a higher level, which leads to better, faster and clearer understanding.Then all their attention is focused on the thoughts and during that time did not perceive the environment.


Dreaming (mind wandering) - a source of creativity
Dreaming can be seen as closely dreaming - thinking person does not proceed arbitrarily but left her subconscious world. For people who do not daydreaming, thinking is guided only nearby events. Just what you see, hear and feel a part of her thinking. Ideas and imagination are absent because they are thinking causes of the environment (already seen) and nothing else.
Boundlessness think it is positive that dreaming provides so hyperactive dreamers creative and imaginative. How are driven by their subconscious world, not perceptible to the extent that it is about them that makes them inattentive and absent. Wandering mind allows them to look at the problem from a different perspective and thus encounter unusual and creative solutions.

Conceptual thinking

Conceptual thinking - thinking differently
When talking about a different way of thinking, primarily referring to a different state of mind, because it creates a different way of thinking. Hyperactive dreamers do not think classical linear detail when building a track leads to the overall image or perception.
They think overall (globally) or phrase you first create a general picture and then come to the last detail. Such thinking can be described as conceptual thinking.
•   Their thoughts are in the form of concepts, images
•   Therefore, it is faster and more comprehensive reflection
•   Visualize something to understand
•   The problem with writing and expression, but know what they think
•   Often explain their thought with colorful examples


Although they call it, the dreamer hyperactive hyperactivity is not necessarily so severe and intense that no trait that they should be identified at first. For those hiperaktivnijih hyperactivity little more specific than the general concept of hyperactivity - it is not just physical but is largely mental and reflects their minds.
That is why they feel the need to a stimulus - playing with a pen, walking in circles or room while thinking, playing with various objects, squirming.
Thus the excess energy channeled into the activity for which help calm your thoughts - they become more relaxed and easier to think, it's easier to concentrate, become more focused. Otherwise, when the power to keep still and it does not satisfy their need for movement, energy becomes counterproductive therefore difficult to focus, concentrate and think. Therefore, the hyperactive energy is not necessarily productive while on the other hand still has the function of fuel for their further occupation.


It's not so bad to wear a mask. What is bad is not knowing that you're wearing a mask.
People who are not recognized and met with incomprehension within the school system and the environment often create the mask. How do you see are not the same as most, begin to resort to different ways to permeate their differences and fit into the environment. There are lots of ways but it is important to know how each can thus be understood as an act. They become actors. They cover themselves so that they appear the way he thinks it should be. So the experience more valuable, more desirable, and the values ​​and try to build a good image of themselves. This coverage is called Mask.
How is that a mask?
Live your life and you are aware that with you, something is wrong. Watching other people to do particular tasks without problems, and you are such the same tasks, or who do not fall into the category of heavy task, nightmare. You are able to get rid of them, but to collect enough concentration to comprehend and is almost impossible. The worst combination that can occur is that you think that simply not up to that yet. Do you think that you are not smart enough for such tasks.Then it begins to emerge fear and shame that cause the wrong perspective about yourself. This changed perspective about yourself changes everything in your life.
Curve estimation itself leads to the evaluations of others, the world and life itself becomes the major impediment in your self-development. Experiencing a shock that they did not speak because of such blows and denial you are put in a position that you do not see what you hit. Because in this case, the recognition that you are inferior and you hit something, it leads to defeat, not to win. It is your inner tough and heroic side of you just give in and prevent that keeps you so much upright. Ironically, it just reinforces and strengthens your blindness to truly see your mistakes.
Environment you experienced in a negative way because it becomes difficult person. What others see what you have built up over time to hide your flaws - your mask.
The mask is just proof that you have become a reflection of social thought and thus totally neglected your true quality that can be reached only positive opinion of himself. As such, they do not realize that you are wearing a mask, that is what it is, not true! As you may think that you are more positive than the mask, when you were little than interpreted in the wrong way and wrong?
Mask largely takes life energy. Life is like a mask that you wear on your back bag full of hard stones, not only to strengthen, rather than weaken over time. Life really feel the way he is - is difficult and demanding. Ordinary life situations for you are just one of the many situations in the series which shows how something with you is wrong. And these are the moments are those in which the weak.
Over time, the mask is more clearly and firmer shape and thus it is more difficult to remove. But what if you at some time in some years, accidentally found out about your mask?
Depending on the age, such knowledge, such a revival in his own mind has incredibly powerful experience for the individual. In the first moments of disclosure mask comes to shock. Then friends and relatives badly needed because the person begins to change his own mind about everything.Blurry picture becomes clear. All those question marks that have appeared in you through life creating discomfort and timidity because of not finding adequate solutions - receive a response. You begin to release all your failures and frustrations you experienced in life and collecting deep within yourself, and you begin to clean. How to raise awareness, so I look back and touch that big bag full of heavy stones for which you did not know that there was once clears but forever. I understand they're going through and how difficult you wrong opinion of your fellow citizens changed, blocked and weakened, but not destroyed.
Throughout this phase you for the first time in my life familiarize yourself or your right side and you bury fenced mask. This is the stage that we could call up calls. Raise awareness after many years beyond that was active only when you were a child and until he began to work on your environment.Get to know your good and thus admit to your weaknesses. See in which areas you are good and which are not, and based on this knowledge, you know the focus to give their best. Then you begin to live your full potential.
Removal of the mask and becoming himself again not the current process. On the contrary, it is a process that can take several years and in each person will require a period of time.

Examples in history

Throughout history there were those who managed to retain their ideas, their confidence and achieve their dreams. Often when you mention these people and their actions, and still know how to emerge stereotypical thinking why remains almost unthinkable to have been marked by such poor and were not very successful in school.

These are some of those people whose functioning is indeed different:
•   Michael Phelps, swimmer, winner of 14 gold medals at the Olympic games, the most successful athlete in the Oplimijskim games of all time
•   Beethoven, the composer
•   Thomas Edison, the inventor
•   Albert Einstein, physicist
•   Isaac Newton, physicist
•   Leonardo da Vinci, artist
•   David Neeleman, founder of Jet Blue airlines
•   Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko 

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