Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love myself

Conceit? Oh, not at all. There's nothing wrong with a man loves himself. 

Clearly, no one will say to yourself that you love. In addition to today's starlets overnight of course. No matter how you turn around, they are the only true no matter whatever names we call them. Everyone is beautiful itself. Due to one reason or another. But then, on the other hand, when you talk to someone about this topic, all will agree that a man as a human being, if you do not love yourself, you do not respect it, you do not build your future - or else it will not be seen in this light.

Namely the world there are all kinds of people, people who are happy, people who are sad, depressing that, that makes you laugh, that make you happy, who are strict ... Each of these people has their own opinion of themselves, and so represent. One thing is certain. People who are sad, depressed constantly, constantly complain, whine, and never anything to them'' not good at it'' totally rejected by the people themselves. These people do not like you, simply refuse his control and the unique power which every man carries within. Such people will always find a reason why something is wrong, why something could go wrong and throw the complexes happy and cheerful people. Why? Because they do not love themselves. And those people who like to call themselves a conceited, selfish, narcissistic, and other derogatory names. After a while they realize they no longer have anyone and wonder why, the most common excuse that they have no luck in life or looking for someone who will squawk and talk to your problems that you make yourself.
But it is not at all unusual. Such people abound. Absolutely do not mind the people who tell you that you are cold, ruthless, arrogant, smug or evil person. They are the ones who are evil.

In addition, there is a difference between conceit and self-love. Modern psychologists explain conceit as raising their egos and bodies to excessive levels. These are people who see themselves as gods and think of all the others that they are not up to the knee. To make matters worse, so do relate to others. While Loving yourself means listening to yourself, described as a person, without offending those around you and do what you love. Know that your smile, optimism, love, and self-confidence that you fancy yourself as a safe pass to other people. If you recognize yourself in a situation, or know someone who has a similar opisnome, it's time to work on this area.

What does it mean to be confident? The referent of the term? In what area? On the job? To love? For yourself?
What if it is related at all? This does not mean that we must always be proud to hold your morals, ideals and severity. Smiling is also self-confidence, body movement, a nice gesture. Confidence is something that you decided without consultation with others, no doubt, no fear, ready for anything.

Confidence is also facing problems. There is a big difference between playing a real confidence and bravery. Most people do not know how to be confident. There are various techniques that can be self-confident. These techniques not good just trying out the big, important to you, events. Practice your confidence in your daily life. If you are naturally good and people will often utilize, learn to say no! For example, if you asked a friend / acquaintance / colleague to lend him money / hair dryer / to do something for him / her in or something, and they never for anything you do not, and when you ask them something and they always have some kind of work. Do not be afraid. This is an ideal opportunity for us to begin to honor and respect. Be confident and say no. You do not have to invent you have other things to do, simply say that you have done enough of that for him / her, and you get the impression that the person is not concerned with you. Say what you want! Explain that you are flesh and blood, and that it is not no different from you. Besides you will him / her leave you speechless when you pass that feeling in your stomach after žmaraca spoken will make you feel fabulous. Do not forget to smile and winning departures or lock the door.

Or morality. How to wikipedia said set of unwritten rules. Nobody will say that you should not kiss on the cheek of his ex-boyfriend in front of his new, already jealous, girl. No one will shut down if it becomes known that men often change. But if you find things like this and bring good luck or to do just to prove something to myself. Are you afraid of something? Ask yourself a question to ask you a second longer than you happy now only give satisfaction based on the evil and harm other people, mostly subconscious self.

Have you ever wondered if maybe the new girlfriend of her boyfriend could find some common interests instead of creating more jealous? Did you find an interest in someone hated or respected?Also, you afraid that someone gets hurt, so I do not want to enter into a long term relationship. Or is it because you do not trust yourself? Because they do not like. You do not like the fact that someone might someday control your being. Sooner or later there will be the day when you will hurt in one way or another. If you learn to be a moral person, you will learn how to love yourself, as this comes the confidence, then, in that moment, you'll know. I am my own person. Can not nobody nothing. I stand on top of the world. Their world.

No one can naživcirati if you do not permit!
Probably they themselves do not know how many times at work, college, school, home, real angry one. Someone intentionally, you just bothering someone until you have another job. And third, injustice. Injustice is evil encountered while living. There is everywhere, and remember that you may be at the office until, by your classroom, an event exactly the same fate. Now do not yell at all or burnt cigarette. Try to find a compromise to the injustice, and in any argument. But do you have to offer justice to the very balancing. Consider the other side. Do you still stubborn will end up. Listen to what the other party has to say. If the person is simply inaccessible and does not want to cooperate Give up arguing from the start. Sooner or later the time will come when you will need the same. And certainly, do not cry, be increased, tone, look offended or angry. What will further raise the pressure to the person who angered you is that you will remain completely calm and quiet, and try to solve arguments strife. That is what makes self-control. Proof that you can control in situations where others apparently can not.

Apart from its self-confidence and self-control, building self-love comes with time to reward something that we have achieved so far learned. Self-control, in addition to arguments, can be applied in many other forms. Take the example of an activity that would be a good man from time to time due to the need to deal with yourself, like running, aerobics, and even eaten a diet of too many holiday sweets. When a child often loses control. We are all well known to those of'' tomorrow''. Do not let a simple sentence away from that goal. When the control (all in the mind and the will), you will feel the incredible power over you, you'll love it more, I doubt the mind and body. And when that day comes when you complete all of the planned or iskontrolirali, treat yourself to a little thing that you are very happy. It does not have to necessarily be a costly affair. Invite a friend out and scatter it on your favorite dance hits. You can go out on karaoke night and sing your favorite song shamelessly.Remember the things you fulfill your heart and make them, if for no one, for myself!

As we conclude the outskirts?

Without any fear, stay who you are, are what people around you rejoice because that is the greatest reward. Happiness to others and let them crowd happy you are. Kindness, care for themselves, care for others and generosity qualities listed above and build what others, who do not try, will never understand, and that is love. Love for yourself and others. And back to you again. Guaranteed!
So next time, when you overhear a story for you that you are arrogant people do not look cute but laugh and move on to love themselves. 

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