Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Identify a lie for 20 seconds

Whether you are a seller or a new colleague about a meeting with a new boyfriend, you can recognize a liar if you know what to look for. Coughing, throat clearing or covering the mouth movements point to signs that your interlocutor has something to hide, and how to do it best showed the popular comedian Jim Carrey in "Liar Liar." 

Sudden change in behavior

Cause for alarm is the first calm, then suddenly a great vivacity, or vice versa. Sudden changes in behavior are the first sign that needs to turn on a red light. The same applies to the situation when the other side speaks quickly and smoothly, without stopping, to make her speech suddenly became calculating, with short sentences.

A continuing look without blinking

When one thinks it is normal to occasionally looked away. But if the caller does not look away while talking, but constantly staring, then either do not listen or try to gain your trust. Both cases are signs of insincerity.

He hides something!

Coughing, throat clearing or covering the mouth movements may indicate that the caller wants to hide something. The same goes for the hunched shoulders and down the body.

Sincere smile preporońĎuje whole face

Her eyes brighten and cheeks and brow lift in conjunction with the corners of the mouth. Such a smile to a few moments to disappear from the face. False smile appears and disappears in an instant as fast.

Do not be fooled online

The profile says that working six days a week, he loves football and he was a lifeguard. Description is accented with hot molded image. Because many acquaintances assembled over the internet, will concern you and that means discovering that his or her profile full of lies.

First of all, we warn you that people are poor lie detectors because they pay attention to the signs wrong. Fortunately, the research determined the signs that point to dishonesty in online communication:

• Avoidance of personal and possessive pronoun in the first person. Avoiding the word'' I'' and'' me'' man subconsciously distance himself from his lies.
• Profile and personal description are unusually short. Hustler write less, because you do not want to pull in more lies.
• Too often mention what one likes and what one enjoys. It's another subconscious process by which a liar wants to distance himself from his lies.
• Short sentences, without clarifying and deepening. Lying is a mental effort and simplifying people save energy. An example is the sentence "I love live music," but without giving any concerts or artist.
• Avoiding mention of words with negative connotations such as angry / s, teasing / on, stupid / s. It is a strategy that people use to display positive and cheerful. 

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