Monday, January 7, 2013

Interpersonal relationships

Relationships between people are experiencing a deep crisis. 
More and more lonely, misunderstood, unhappy.

As zombies shambling through the world in search of someone who would give us a little love, understanding and affection.

Unfortunately, as we seek a more intense person, she tells us more and more elusive.
Is the reason for them or me?

Where is the problem? Maybe I'm not so pretty?

Yes, the beauty industry has blossomed. For thousands of cloths in my closet, shoes and bags, or do not know the number, countless creams, perfumes, various decorations. Earrings on all sides. No place in the body where they were not, and I'm still lonely, in fact all over. Yeah, maybe hairstyle or color of my hair?
No, not even that.

In my desire increasing,
a soul mate all away.

There, on the verge of giving up, I suddenly realized that the problem is not one on the menu, but the one in me.
Staring at your inner self, surprised and confused, I realize I'm unique and beautiful just the way I am!

Nothing needs to be changed out of my inner self,
not even one hair on the treacherous footing,
do not need to shave. If anything needs to be changed, then it is my relationship to another being!

All these other people around me, also beautiful and unique in its essence.

My relationship to itself, but also by the other creature has to be different.

Accept in full all around,
without the need for control and domination,
without the need for their beliefs, habits and imposed by others,
a reflection of the love that I give.

I know it is not easy!

We are conditioned from birth that someone else knows better, and more specifically what is good for us and what does not. If you do not behave as the other one wants, I will not be good enough and will not love me!

This game is so addictive that I'm playing,
even enjoy it.

Those around me, you should act the way I think it's good! If that does not work, then you do not understand,
do not like and do not need!
Resistance and friction between us is growing,
and we are further from each other.

Now this alone, each in his own jail, which I condemned,
dream of love!

Let's walk far to a meadow, where they live in harmony and beauty of infinitely many different energies, while not a little friction and mutual control.

Flower growing, smell and enjoy the embrace totally different herbs.
Radiates the beauty of a butterfly while feeding their nectar, without requiring him to change his habits or appearance of wings.
Ni no objection butterfly colored petals.
Recognizes the flower only the best,
and in return give the best of themselves.

Is not that what you're looking for?

Yes, that's it!

Well then go away, only best!

We feed their environment to what is best in us, its nectar. And it does not matter who has the habits and appearance of the one to whom we give!

It is important that this person has a nectar that will be released when he realizes that he is not judged by the habits, appearance or color of hair.

When we have accepted in full, just as we are in essence,
just left love
love is contagious and is spreading wildly,
exactly how it spread and the need to control everything around us! 

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