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Laughter is the guardian of the soul

Non happy person put a smile can bright, cheerful and gracious man who radiates happiness and a sense of humor 

In order to maintain the health, prolong human life or reach a ripe old age - the secret are chosen wisely in the rules of life and health, and not in pharmacies!

We all sometimes feel sad, hurt, frowning, unhappy, misunderstood and alienated from the world, from other people, even from themselves. Some then go to the cafe and alcohol seek solace, others withdraw into solitude, a third involved in the cheerful company, wandering neighborhood streets on the walls read humorous graffiti by unknown authors that they elicit a smile on his face. Stop, re-read and laugh uproariously. The laughter disappearing black thinking, and come joyful and playful thoughts. Sad and frowning face becomes clear. On their face not a trace of sadness. Laughter is contagious, rapidly crosses the lips with each other and are in no way be a whole group of people.

When a person is in the vortex of life was not for him, when he annoyed co-workers, children, and friends, rather than the other discharges its bitterness, more prudent to recall a joke, laugh, forget the anger and tell a joke to those who made him mad. We should not forget that laughter is an effective cure for all ills.

Laughter is the safety valve of our soul. Protect us, letting out a tightly packed inner tension, does not allow anger, bitterness and anger that enter our mind and that is poison. Laughter returns to life optimism, joy, faith in people and a better tomorrow.
He who sings thinks no evil - our people, and those who do not, live longer - according to scientists.The song, laughter and jokes are the expression of health, serenity and contentment. These people reveals the joy, humor, happiness and other positive emotions. Is now ready for celebrations, not to quarrel and conflict. Person jovial spirit is always smiling, radiating happiness and joy. No matter where you go, a positive effect on the environment. Smile, optimism and cheerfulness creates a pleasant atmosphere in which they najtmurniji that bother many hardships and pressed hard problems, feel more comfortable, better and even briefly forget worries, release tensions and to take part of their exuberance. Because, as Mark Twain said: no one who can resist a fit of laughter, and Ted Engstrom argues that a smile brings a smile. Laughter is the only disease that effectively heals the soul and the body, relieves tension and release of accumulated aggressive charge.

What is laughter?

Laughter is an instinctive activity, unique to human beings. It manifests specific expression lips and face, followed by a facial and vocal reactions to the bright, cheerful or humorous challenge. It is a reflection of our mood, health and ability to enjoy life. Laughing heartily express our happiness and joy, sadness away, ugly emotions, feelings of fatigue, anxiety, sudden turns his attention to the problems of nice things, prevents us neurosis ... Laughter can make you feel more pride, more valuable than money, better than prayer calms the heart - Harriet Rochlin said. It is an effective remedy for all problems, crises, problems and life difficulties. Freud holds that laughter releases of aggression, makes you feel good, good will, cheerfulness, optimism, gaiety and a healthy mood.

How to achieve this? Very simple. Laugh as often as possible, and more. Even in the most difficult position to find the bright side will inspire you to laugh, cheer, cheer. No one is so rich or famous, that he could not give up, nor so poor that he could not give - says Edward W. Reiller
Keep a smile on your face as soon as you appeared to get out of bed and do not let him get away with it because the day pass quicker, easier, happier and more successful. His optimistic, cheerful mood and smiles give co-workers and friends. This will brighten their day. A smile builds happiness in the home, a good atmosphere at work is a sign of friendship. He brings home poor, joy discouraged, sad and sunlight is the best remedy in sorrow - says Edward W. Reiller If you are down, worried and sad because of some discomfort, failures or problems, let your colleagues, associates and friends to laugh and help you relax. Get their optimism and joy, graciously shared them with happiness and joy. Enjoy it! In their neighborhood discover events that will be able to cheer, relax, relax and laugh.

Some people are so tired that you do not give a smile. Give it to them because you do because it is needed most to those who do not know or can not smile - says Edward W. Reiller. There is no greater happiness than sad cheer. Will bring smiles to the person who is feeling down, it can bright, cheerful and gracious man who radiates joy and humor.

Humor and meaning

According Anic humor is "a form of comic irony, shaping the world of comic experience in jokes, jokes, permanent marks (nicks) or text (humoresque etc..)". Humor is a prelude to faith, and the smile is the beginning of prayer - Reinhold Niebuhr said. It is the ability of people to recognize the funny side of events, situations, procedures, and their adaptation to the design and whimsy, creating and transmitting orally or in writing, causing joy, cheerfulness and smile.
There is also a so-called. Black humor funny way of revealing the ugly, dark and cruel acts, things and situations and, in turn, healthy event of a true black humor.
Experts say that humor is balanced picture of character, self-reliant, flexible and tolerant person, and that it is not possible to learn. He holds or not. Gift of the heart, not the mind. This is an internal value, deeply rooted worldview and events in it.
However, people with no sense of humor creation and interpretation can have a joyful spirit, beautiful and emotionally strong to enjoy, either listening or reading jokes, jokes, spoof and puns.They are joyful, smiling, always ready for a joke, their heart is filled with joy. A smile does not cost, and offers so much! It enriches those who receive it, and does not deplete the one who gives it - says Edward W. Reiller.
Humor is always preoccupied people. Good comedy, satire and comedy performances are always filled the theater hall. The ancient Greeks went to the theater and enjoy a good comedy with a lot of spirit and skills performed by actors. Similarly, they did the ancient Romans and other nations.

There are several types of humor. The people, especially among men, is the most popular humor based on sexual innuendo. Sophisticated and ironic humor persons prices without aggression, violence, vulgarity and ambiguous sexual connotations, which is based on contradictions and pun.
People who enjoy the little things that are bright and well-being, prefer an easy, unforced humor and nonviolent. The political and social humor inherent in the people who are interested in politics and political events in their immediate and wider social environment. Cynical people enjoy satirical humor with a certain amount of violence and sadism.

Most people love a good joke, jokes and jokes, happy to see comic performances, witty satire, and enthusiastic performances are humorous and entertaining show, what makes them laugh and rejoice.
Humor is a perceptual process, and laughing behavior, response to humor. This behavior creates predictable physiological changes in the body. Like other after exercise, we see two levels of the body responses: phase excitation when the physiological parameters and increase the relaxation phase when returning to idle or under. During prolonged laughter increases the heart rate, sometimes more than 120 beats per minute, and increase the frequency and depth of breathing. Coughing and hiccups often occur due to phrenic nerve irritation, which helps to cleanse the respiratory system. Blood flow in peripheral blood vessels is increased due to vasodilatation. Active numerous muscle groups - the diaphragm, abdominal, intercostal, respiratory and facial muscles, muscles sometimes the arms, legs, back ...

Good joke - laughing to tears

There is no man in my life who has not at least once laughed heartily good joke, humorous anecdotes and, in turn, enjoyed a brilliant and witty humor. To joke was funny, to laugh heartily, there are three important people: the author, performer and listener. Schedule a if any of these three factors, there will be laughter.
Dealing humor is serious business. The author must have inspiration, find a theme, a funny and concise format. It requires a lot of imagination, talent and skill. Vic has to be brief, hilarious, that affects the very soul and cause a storm of laughter. To the listener or reader sparked a smile or laughter, the interpreter must make maximum effort and skill, take good care of every word and punctuation that can give him a different connotation. How many times we are told in a bad joke indifferent, to the second interpretation of "dying" of laughter. Whoever tells the best joke can ruin, but also tell a bad joke so inspired and creatively to all listeners laugh to tears. So, the joke should be designed and expertly written, it should be known to apologize for all the challenges listeners laugh.We should know it, and listen, to understand the message and experience a bright and funny side.Clear cheerful person with a heart of expression - the English proverb says.

What a joke and what it should be? According Anica, the joke is "brief narrative form with a humorous twist surprising, humorous stories with funny or unexpected crux outcome." Vic is a short, clever, cheerful and instructive saying that in a funny and interesting way to express any idea.It must be concise in content, very short, funny and expertly told. It is a skill you do not have any.

A good joke is always interesting and never gets old. When someone says that he heard the joke beard, surely it comes to a bad joke that is spun in the first telling. Therefore they should not be divided into old and fresh, but the bad and the good.

School of Laughter

In Berlin in 2005. established the first German school of laughter, and probably the first school of its kind in the world. Experts teach students different kinds of laughter, how laughter and positive sides laughing. The teacher says Susanne Mahler was essential that students continue to be from the heart.
Laughter is an instinctive reaction. It reflects our mood, our health and ability to enjoy life. Laughter from the heart reflects our luck, health and happiness. Removes sorrow, ugly emotions, fatigue, anxiety, attention is drawn to the problems of nice things, prevents nervousness ... the most effective remedy for all the troubles and hardships of life. Freud thought that laughter frees people from aggression, makes you feel good, good will and mood.

How to achieve this?

Laugh as often as possible and in the most difficult situations find the bright side that will inspire you to laugh.
Keep a smile on your face when you get up occurs, it will be with him day pass more quickly and efficiently.
Cheerful mood and smiles give coworkers, friends, and thus renew their day.
If you are depressed, anxious and sad for some embarrassment, failure, or problems, let your colleagues and friends to laugh. Share the joy, happiness and optimism. In their neighborhood discover events that will cheer you up, relax and laugh.
Famous American therapist Annette Goodheart, which has been treated with a variety of laughter and noise disturbances (according laniado, 2006.) Argues that "if we could laugh as kids, we'd have the same vitality of heart," and another expert notes that "laughter not only makes good but the heart and stimulates growth by acting on the secretion of growth hormone. " Laughter is warm and soothing, just because it was so warm, the smile is more beautiful than any flower in the world - says Henryk Wiegeland. 

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