Monday, January 7, 2013

Manipulators and love

Love ... It is hard to adequately define. Is not it too deep, too complex to fit in two words? It is said that love is a feeling. Next to me is the definition seems more appropriate than that which is associated only with the feeling: love is "willing according to nourish their own spiritual growth or development of someone else." Of course, that feeling, and power. Deep, vague power from which to develop and grow, to us relishing unstoppable heart and soul. 

What if the one that has captured the hearts plain manipulator? Mental manipulation is the main tool of some people who surround us. Were men or women, manipulators usually show their most beautiful and interesting face with one goal: to mentally capture their prey. At the beginning, everything works as expressions of love. Over time, the mask falls and what appeared to be a love connection, you quickly start killing.
Is not he who was fatally in love masochist? Is not complicit in what he draws life force someone? It is said that we are blind with love. But there is also a time to open our eyes and wake up. Sometimes the day comes after 10, 20 or 30 years ... Waking up is so cruel that we would rather face covered and lit again in a comatose state in which we have been so long. Which is, in fact, is so afraid of?
Features manipulators
The term "handler" was retained primarily because they do not show their dark and demonic appearance. Like everyone else, and handlers have their human qualities. It is therefore difficult to quickly and clearly reveal their true personality. His speech, what they do and their behavior is constantly causing mental confusion in people from their environment.
• He blames others in the name of family, friendship, relationships, professional conscience, and the like.
• persuades others to perfect, never having to change an opinion, it must know everything immediately and answer any questions.
• Use of other moral principles to satisfy their needs (courtesy, humanism, solidarity, anti-racism, "kindness", "generosity" and declaring "good" or "bad" mother, etc.).
• Manipulator challenging quality, ability and personality of others, criticize, discredit and condemn
• Can be jealous, even if it was a parent or a life companion
• To us winning, flatters us, brings gifts or suddenly caring towards us.
• accepted the role of a victim to make it all the pity (exaggerating illness, living in "difficult" environments, the work overload, etc.).
• Do not accept their responsibility, but they switched to the other.
• does not clearly indicate your requirements, needs, feelings and opinions
• Very often gives vague answers
• Feel free to change the topic of conversation during the
• Avoids meeting and socializing with them or run away
• Through other or send messages through intermediaries (by phone instead of in person, without the written evidence)
• relied on logic to cover your requirements
• He taught wrong, to know what is right, twists and interpreted by his
• It tolerates criticism and denies the obvious
• Concealed or openly threatens blackmail
• sows division and doubt, easier to share and encourage ruled disconnect
• Depending on the occasion and the person changing their thinking, behavior and feelings
• Lying
• underestimate others and believes in his superiority
• the egocentric
• His speech seems logical and sensible while on their behavior, their actions or lifestyle proves the contrary
• There is often a last-minute requests, or run other commands
• Do not respect the rights, needs and desires of others
• It ignores the requirements (although I was told that they will be addressed)
• Creates a sick atmosphere or an atmosphere of unfreedom (trap)
• forces us to do what his will by no means do we
• Successful in achieving their own objectives, but at the expense of others
• constantly talking about him all who know him, even when he is not present 

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