Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New planets spotted

HD 40 307 celestial body is located in the cosmic zone "Goldilocks", where temperatures are neither too high nor too low, which is a prerequisite for the existence of liquid water 

The new planet is far from the Earth 44 light years away

A team of astronomers from Germany and the United Kingdom saw the new planet is 44 light years from Earth. It is a small part of the orbit consisting of three planets, and experts estimate that would be able to support life forms similar to this one, on our planet.

The three bodies were detected, of which the best possible life for the named HD 40 307 (through the Henry Draper Catalogue). This planet is located in the cosmic zone "Goldilocks" area where temperatures are neither too high nor too low, which is a prerequisite for the existence of liquid water, scientists explain

"HD 40307 is a quiet old elf, so there is no reason why such a planet would have a climate similar to Earth," he told Reuters Guillaume Angles Escude, University "Göttingen", who led this research is with Mike Toumioja with University of Hertfordshire, Tanjug reports.

Sites devoted to astronomy written that the new planet has a mass seven times that of Earth and orbits the star at nearly the same distance as our planet, which means you get the same amount of solar energy as the Earth around the sun. Specifically, the last place in the circles around the brightest stars and at a distance of 90 million miles, while the Earth moves around the Sun at a distance of 150 million kilometers.

Existing instruments for observing planets do not allow to accurately determine whether there was water on the planet, and the author of a study on HD 40307, ​​which is yet to be published in the journal "Astronomy and Astrophysics" Mikko Tuomi said: "We can not say whether the new rocky planets like Earth. If you ask me to guess I'd say the chance of that 50-50 per cent. "

So far outside the solar system, was discovered more than 800 planets, but only few of them are located in the habitable zone. Even rarer are the planets that rotate, such as the newly discovered, where the day and night, which increases the chances of developing environments like Earth.

Observation of the southern sky

The discovery of the body HD 40307 system is credited with HARPS instrument, which are owned by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), which are positioned telescopes in Chile and are designed for the observation of the sky above the southern hemisphere.

The European Southern Observatory was founded in 1962, has 15 members, and the administration is in Munich, Germany. But how does all of its telescopes located in the southern hemisphere and are designed to observe the sky above the southern hemisphere, hence the name of the organization.

Telescopes are stationed in the deserts of Chile, because these are the areas highly suitable for astronomical observations: characterized by a large number of clear days per year, low humidity, high altitude.

ESO according to official statistics the most productive astronomical observatories in the world, annually published more than 700 scientific papers. 

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