Monday, January 7, 2013

Optimism is a powerful weapon

Optimists are really better things happening in my life because of suggestive thoughts strengthen concentration on tasks and greatly facilitate the resolution of all kinds of problems 

Positive thinking truly enables the realization of what others deem impossible, because good "mantra" the brain act as hypnosis, according to researchers at New Zealand's Victoria University.People who expect to happen to them good things transcend barriers and speed up your brain to become more focused on the achievement of tasks, reports the Daily Mail.

Although optimistic views have a magical effect, they act on us much more powerful than we know, the scientists explained.

- If someone shy thinks that his glass of wine to help you relax at a party full of strangers, that glass of wine will actually lower his inhibitions and relax him. In this case, greater credit for relaxation has what one expects to happen and this idea in his head, and not the glass of wine - said lead study, psychologist Maryanne Garry.

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the impact of intentional suggestions on the success of performing tasks, but the way you react to the medication, which is obvious in the placebo drug.Suggestions and even set individual taste, and because companies often invest more money into promotion, but making the product itself.

If we manage to use the power of positive suggestions in the treatment of people, we could really improve their lives and make them happier - said study co-author, dr. Robert Michael. 

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