Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Personal stress password

Is using some psychological tests can determine her personality "Personal Code of stress" and also predict its reaction to stress, psychosomatic reactions, which will be used in the fight against stress. 
Terribly upset when my doctor finally diagnosed as a first uttered the famous advice "avoid stress" did you?


"Quick test" for the early detection of psychosomatic illnesses.

Infallible means of diagnosis and MOTIVATION psychic structure PERSONAL HEALTH and wellbeing.

Meaning and effect of each color have been enrolled in our genetic code, as it is the same for all people regardless of race, gender or cultural background. / Tested studies in Europe, Japan, USA, South America, Iran, China, and elsewhere in Hawaii /.

Experience and perception of color precede the development of language and in that sense the color of the mother tongue of the unconscious.

Diagnosing mental condition. Detection block. Determining the mental status of the personality.Determine the coefficient of scalability. Predicting optimal working capacity and efficiency.Determination of the goals and limits,. The stability of the vegetative nervous system and the possibility of damaging or destabilizing. The presence of a self-regulatory instability. Forecast of behavior and attitude towards life. Determination of motivational factors, mood states, focusing on the environment, aspirations. Emotional responsiveness to partners. Dismissed posture. Index anxioznosti and impulsivity. Determination of basic needs. Attitude toward his body. Detection of sources of stress and anxioznosti. Compensation, elasticity and strength of will. Mental and physical limits,. Spontaneity and rigidity. Restrained features. Behavior is dictated by the desired objectives.The real problem behavior as a result of stress. Able diseases of psychosomatic illnesses. Quality gender identification. Obsessiveness. Emotional disturbances. Initiative and decision-making. The spirit of adventure and the need to deter others. Balance and internal conflicts. Ambivalence. A personal priority for access to work. Latent disposition and interest in the determination of the issues. Deviation conceptual and dynamic structure. Masculinity and femininity. Anxioznosti level, the tendency toward depression or obsessive reaction or conversion characteristics and the presence psihopatke deviation. The level of sexual efficiency, blockage detection and noise levels.

Introversion or extroversion, actively or passively, in isolation or dependent, optimistic or pessimistic, balanced or unstable, or emotionally cold, impulsive or samokontrolisano,
What pushes or we are not aware of our behavior.

Accurate diagnosis of a large number of sources of stress and psychosomatic disorders, such as cardiovascular problems, gastritis, ulcer duodenal, instability ANS, hypertension, glandular imbalances, sexual problems.

COLOR TEST points to the emergence of diseases before they develop symptoms of disease, the stressful situations that present a risk of heart attack or unconsciously REFUSAL OF LIFE, which represents the risk of the tumor.

Are you normal, mature, healthy, balanced and satisfied person, or the reasons why you should consult a physician specialist, psychiatrist or psychologist psychotherapist.

compared to traditional psychoanalytic treatment techniques is, the patient can not do anything to hide, it was deliberately suppressed in the subconscious.

COLOR TEST bare the real emotional state.
Instead of painstakingly long analysis COLOR TEST diagnosed in only a few minutes.


Source of stress, conflict and compensation, mood state,
Contact with the environment, attitudes towards partnership, will actions, WILL strength and resilience, the experience of bodily functions and the seed, the attitude towards life, work attitudes,
Attitudes toward marriage, coercion BEHAVIOR, the intensity of the deficit,
WORK forecast, PLEASURE WORK, WORK MOTIVATION, temperament, impulsivity, neuroticism, psychopathic deviance, the need for self-affirmation, the need for action and activity, emotional vibrancy - spontaneity, initiative and decision-making, spirit of adventure, sexual dysfunction,

Special advantage: computer analysis gives printed on paper.

How does anyone not interested in something more about the stress I decided to add a few sentences.Just as I posted the topic "Personal Code of stress," and asked the question and I'll try to answer.

Personal code or how you respond to stress can be determined through forward navdenog Lišerov test color test with an additional battery of tests - Plučikov Emotional index - which will be determined through an emotional progil personality, then discover the mechanism of defense - Lifestyle and defense mechanisms, followed by Tests that reveal techniques to overcome stress, no struggle, or to oppose the war to avoid stress. With such data in group sessions with people who worked on it, you can find your way to discover techniques and strategies to help you overcome stress and prevent its harmful effects or sublimate it into useful work kompenzcionim mechanisms or nadkompenzacijama turn positive goal. 

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