Monday, January 7, 2013

Psychological symptoms that should not be ignored

Some seemingly psychic symptoms may actually be due to physical problems, and it is possible to reverse the situation. Bothering you and only one of these symptoms, see your doctor. 

It is human nature and a bad mood, sadness or anxiety. Do you feel you are and it does not automatically mean that you have mental problems, "says Charles Goodstein, a professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical Center in New York.

"The key is how often you feel so bad, as it is difficult and how long it lasts. About that determines whether your condition seriously, "says Abby Aronowitz, Director

There are symptoms that should not be neglected, and if you're worried, and only one of the following, talk to your doctor to determine whether a physical or psychological problem.

First Sleep disturbances

Are you sleeping more or less than usual, if you can not fall asleep or wake up after only a few hours, and you can not fall asleep again, experts feel that in your life you probably discerned difficult emotional problems. If sleep disturbances occur more often than once or twice a week, a doctor can not determine any physical cause, most often it comes to anxiety or depression.

Second The dramatic change in body weight and eating habits

If you have gained weight or lose weight rapidly, often thinking about food, or it disgusts you, it could be a result of emotional distress. The constant preoccupation with food, weight and their appearance draws energy from other areas of your life. Women and young girls to lose their appetite and menstruation should immediately see a doctor. Dr.. Goodstein says that the loss of appetite is one of the clearer signs of depression.

3rd Unexplained physical problems

If it is with you physically all right, and that you acknowledge and specialists, there may be psychosomatic problems. Um so we signaled that it is under severe stress. Emotional distress is often manifested as headache, stomach upset, constipation, and chronic pain - especially back.

4th Less accumulated anger and self-control

Peace of mind while you're alone, but often explode when communicating with their spouses, children, friends or colleagues? You may have blown from stress, which is unhealthy for the mind and the body, and do not enjoy any of the people around you.

'What you do not have control over anger is a dangerous thing. And that they feel good about themselves, uljuljkava them the wrong idea that everything is under control. Anger arises only when there is interaction with others, so it is very easy to blame other people for symptoms resulting from your psyche, "said Anie Kalayjian, a psychology professor at Fordham University in New York.

If you have people around you often say that you need to calm down and watch the temper, it is time to think more deeply and seek help.

5th Compulsive-obsessive behavior

Frequently wash your hands, or you need to do it even though there is no justifiable reason?Everything is less fun because it is constantly worried that something bad happens? You need a lot to get out of the house because it always stop doing series 'rituals' such as the touching things or checking wiring, electrical devices and locks? If so, in your life obviously has too much anxiety to be able to deal with alone.

"Obsessions are thoughts that are repeated, reminiscent of concern, followed by anxiety.Compulsions are the actions that we want to get rid of obsession. And sometimes, when the mind is overloaded with obsessions and compulsive action packed day, life is out of control due to anxiety and counterproductive ritual, "says Aronowitz.

6th Chronic fatigue and lack of energy

'If the body can not cope with disturbing thoughts, functions beginning to fail. And that often manifests itself as a feeling of tiredness, "says Kalayjian. Dr.. Goodstein adds to the feeling of fatigue because you can not do or things that you once loved can be a sign of emotional anxiety and depression. Before this conclusion need to eliminate the causes of physical fatigue.

7th Problems with memory

A lot of this can interfere with memory, the hormonal changes of menopause, work overload, lack of sleep to. However, less memory may be the result of stress or reaction to a traumatic experience, including diseases such as Alzheimer's. How to know what it is?

"First of all, it should make a physical examination in order to discard the physical reasons," says Kalayjian. If all is well, beyond forgetfulness can hide depression, trauma, or other distressing mental state.

8th In social activities

You used to love to go to the movies with friends, and now you do not? At work, he still hold, but as soon as you get home you have to go to bed and forget about everything, and even daydream. Reject calls for socializing simply because they feel a lot better at home? Experts believe that this is all possible sign that you have become mentally unstable.

"Any significant change in your relationship to society may indicate overload or some other emotional problems," says Kalayjian. Dr.. Aronowitz says: 'If you have phobias and fears from some places or events obstacles to do what you want, anxiety is apparently taken control of your life.'

9th We no longer enjoy sex

Sex to you is not as important as it used to or enjoy? Do you love your spouse, but you just do not want to make love? If you are physically with you all right, maybe it is about depression or chronic anxiety.

Decreased sexual desire and the inability to feel joy can be a sign of emotional problems. Experts note that this anxiety does not have a relationship with a partner, but more often comes from an entirely different area of ​​life.

10th Mood swings and erratic behavior

If this erratic behavior and mood noticing more people, it's time to reconsider. Maybe you can make that business as usual, but with mental health problems is especially important to listen to the opinions of those around you, especially my best friends and family members. 

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