Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Responsibility to yourself

One of the prerequisites for success is accountability. What about the attitude towards life, which entails responsibility Lalic said Inga, a columnist Smart swears, read below. 

Any success requires greater accountability. However, most people today are more focused on their rights rather than obligations. Many people find it much easier to play the victim and blame the other, your parents, spouse, state, bosses, business.

Watch any show on television in which the talks with guests in the studio and you will see and hear an infinite number of examples of people who should deal with the situation in which they find themselves blaming everyone and everything. Running away from responsibility, saying, 'I just gave the order,' 'it's not in the scope of my job', 'there's nothing we can not', 'it will not allow us', 'our system will not allow it', etc., etc..

If you are primarily responsible to yourself, as you will be responsible for others?

Think of someone you know well and whom you admire and who successfully solves the problems.What is what is the real marvel? What is characteristics? How often such people passively accept the situation as it is with humility and suffer whatever is happening? Very rarely, perhaps never. Such people are not waiting for something to happen, but our initiating events. Are you going to overcome the problem or disadvantage, or you will push it under the rug depends mostly on your own decisions. To answer them solely. The decision about whether to focus on the problem or the solution to the question of responsibility. Successful take responsibility for their decisions, even for those who seem daunting and impossible.

I had one client who was a marketing specialist, has worked for a large company, and had a desire to start their own agency. At work was heavily stressed, but he did not want to leave until you start your new job. She had a habit of almost daily to meet with friends for coffee after work in the evening to go to the gym. Because she lived alone it was not a problem until he wanted to start his own business.She knew that the afternoon and evening should be used to lay the foundations of their future, but it is so stuck in the pattern of activity after working hours could not be run. She kept saying, 'No time', and every day was the same.

When it came to coaching, we talked about what it was really important that we have compiled quite a list of reasons why he wants to have his agency. We made the schedule for the days and months that she was slowly pulling out of routine. Gradually ceased to reside with her friends every day and the time devoted to planning. As her enthusiasm grew, it became increasingly accountable to yourself and your order is paid to more time. You left one day a week to be seen with her friends. In the meantime, he started his own agency. She says it was hard, fight for each client, going all the problems as most companies in Croatia, but is nevertheless happy and fulfilled because he took responsibility and decided to make changes in your life.

People who take responsibility have some common characteristics:

Complete unfinished business - what you can do today, not tomorrow shift

They are ready to work and more - are responsible and do not rise to this is not my job. They are ready to do whatever it takes to complete the work.

He takes them to excellence - people who want excellence and work hard and go to it and are generally responsible. Excellence is a great motivator. Stress occurs when you give less than you can.

Go on regardless of the situation - a key quality of the responsible person is the ability to complete the job.

When the archer misses the target, search the error itself, because the failure is never wrong target.Think about it, how are you responsible for? Do others see it as a person who performs tasks? How often deny responsibility? Are you known for excellence? Are you critical of someone else's irresponsibility? Do you admit guilt voluntarily?

If you are not satisfied with their answers and want to become more responsible do the following:

Identify your own strengths. What will you the skills, experiences, opinions or beliefs help to deal with the challenges?

Identify your own weaknesses. What you lack the skills? What would you limiting beliefs could interfere?

Determine opportunities. What are your personal rewards for successfully solving the challenges?Why is this important to you? The answer you will find inner motivation.

Identify hazards. What is the worst possible outcome? What can I lose?

Exit known outside the box. Next time you find yourself in a situation where you exceed the limit, lose your job, you can not run, try to figure out what to do. See the things from all angles. Creativity can bring accountability into your life.

Admit it is not good enough. If you have difficulty with achieving excellence, maybe your standards are too low. Look for places where you're allowed to actually get out of hand. Enter the changes and set higher standards. This will help you to reset the bar for excellence.

Find better tools. If your standards are high, a positive attitude and always a lot of work and still not achieve what you would like - to better equip tools. Refine the courses, read books, study, find a mentor. Make everything you need to become better.

Believe in yourself.

All successful people have had to overcome their fears and take calculated risks. Fear is the easiest and most effective overcome when confronted with it directly and you are taking bold, decisive moves. The more you are taking responsibility and make decisions, that it will be more natural and easier. 

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