Monday, January 7, 2013

Seven of life wisdom

-1 - Focus on today 

If you focus only on today, and tomorrow when it arrives, you will spare yourself a lot of stress and improve focus and productivity. Of course, you have to plan for what you can expect, but compulsively thinking about the future, you will begin to interfere with your daily life. You can build a habit all day focus on the present moment, thinking about the future a limited time. Let's say 15 minutes a day, or depending on your needs, but not at all times and everywhere.

-2 - Face the obstacles

It's easy to sit and think about all the terrible things that can happen, but usually it's just big monsters that exist only in the mind. As a rule, most of life's obstacles is manageable if you try some of them.

Once you have a good thought, good research and make a plan to achieve something, do not fall into the trap of building a monster. Just go step by step in achieving the goal.

-3 - Make sure you understand

Talk to people, do research through books and websites, and you'll see how anxiety and fears disappear. Understanding is always beneficial, but excessive thinking, as we have already mentioned is not.

-4 - Find the good sides of the issue

Problems help us to better understand ourselves and develop. Let the problems are not totally discouraged, because it almost always has more opportunity than a problem, and if you focus on one problem, you will not see other options.

When a problem ask yourself what can I learn from this situation.

-5 - Be sure to use the phrase

Do not speak or think negatively. Always use words like hope, faith, victory ...

From the words you use comes great power. If you use negative words will make you feel more negative and more negative, and if you use positive words and your attitude towards life will be more positive.

-6 - Do not rush

If you have a goal in mind, we will surely rush, but if you could run recklessly fall. To get to where you want is often a slower approach is better and more effective.

-7 - Just do not learn from their mistakes

Our mistakes are interesting because we can learn something valuable, but watch other people. You do not have any experience in your own skin. 

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