Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Talk to yourself

We ourselves give tips on how to best solve any particular situation, remind yourself of other similar situations and how we resolve them, counsel parents and friends ... 

"If it happens that you are talking to yourself? To me it often happens, I think it is not that bad, but the worst is when I walk down the street and talking to myself, and someone fly and hear my waffle!What are your experiences? "The question is this another successful girl in his early thirties, which is entitled" Talking to him, "and put on a internet forum. Reactions?

Appeared to her all sorts of men and women who are afraid to admit that they are happening.Convoluted, however, the anonymity of the Internet, however, have acknowledged their weakness."I talk with them ever since I can remember. I like to do it once, just to napričam. While sometimes I wonder: did I crazy? However, by doing so, relax mentally. "

Inner speech

"I know catch 'period. I'm thinking out loud. Or when I'm nervous. I swore out loud, yes, if that counts! "" And I know it happens. I walk down the street, to imagine, and I start talking and working faces, and only when I run into someone you know, take care of it. Usually talking to myself when I'm home, and then usually aloud .. m mother myself! "" I do not see anything wrong with talking to yourself ... Who can understand better than themselves? Even if I look in the mirror, I really feel like I have company! ... "

"Everybody's doing it, some more than others. It happened to me and to my arms, and I was not aware of it. "" It reminds me of those characters and likica from soap operas, they do not always tell myself something of a mustache? "" I'm talking to you, and if someone notices it, Then I start to hum the same second, so it does not notice that my need ... "" The worst thing is, and it occurred to me a million times, to walk and envisioned a situation, smiling and govorin glupasto as himself, and let the old woman standing on the balcony and looking at me. Then we come to fall to the ground.

"These are all examples of which are presented in the forum" samopričalice "and we asked psychologists and psychiatrists did" talk with you "kind of, say, a disorder? Is the "epidemic" stories with me and partly a result of the crisis? Talking to oneself is a sign of disorder - line X says Čarija Martin, a psychologist at the Center for Children, Youth and Family "Modus", but, he noted, healthy function which, when it takes place in the mind, the expert called "inner speech."

- "Interview with itself" usually occurs as an inner voice and to enable us to meet many needs, whether it is a "vent" (expulsion) is being accumulated, your emotions, assessing the most appropriate response to the current situation, the appointment of the situation in order to cope with it or samotješenju. Being able to meet their own needs through the provision of advice to yourself, comfort or calm is actually a reflection of a mature person because it allows us to respond well to challenging situations.

Imagine what would happen if we do not have the ability to advise yourself about appropriate ways to respond or reassure themselves, but, as soon as you get upset, to express their anger, rage or angry at the people around you? We can assume that we would be a lot harder to keep jobs, marriages, relationships with children, and even friends - Čarija said, answering the question of when "talking to himself" a reflection of psychological problems or disorders.

Themselves the best

- One of the criteria is just telling you our reaction with them appropriately for the situation in which we find ourselves. For example, to express their thoughts aloud while cinema projection or ride a tram full of people can really open the question of whether something is going on with the strange person. When you are very upset or excited, will occur to us that we need to comment out loud or even a gesture, but it serves vent your emotions, and sometimes the messages around how we feel - Čarija said.

Reading some articles related to this phenomenon, we came across the fact that some experts recommend in a stressful situation, talk to yourself and you're "easier". - If we were a little upset and we have to carry themselves with this situation, we have our own best friends - Martin Čarija comments. - We can reassure and encourage the type of statements will be all right, is not he / she did not mean / mean, tomorrow is another day ...

Also, we ourselves give tips on how to best solve any particular situation, remind yourself of other similar situations and how we resolve them, counsel parents and friends ... Internal speech, especially samoumirivanje, the skills we learn while growing up on examples from the environment. It is important to become aware of what we say to ourselves often because some messages can be retrieved from the environment, and that we did not assess whether proper for us at some point.Most often these are messages that begin with or should have / could la ...

A good example of the gender-biased messages: You're a man, do not cry, or good girls do not express anger. The Counseling Center for Children, Youth and Family Modus often people turn to us just because of some problems with the inner speech that are prone to condemn yourself, defend yourself and meet the important needs like - a psychologist notes that we discussed at the end asked the inevitable question - whether the story it to herself? - Every day, and if it is appropriate for the situation, and then out loud! 

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