Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The greatest scientific fraud

Senior Research Associate at the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade, Milan Cirkovic made a list of the six greatest scientific frauds of all time. Fraud in science, according Cirkovic, can lead to enormous losses and persistent misconceptions, and difficult to detect due to lacking control system, as it exists in the world of sports, arts and finance. 

First A man from Piltdauna

First place belongs to "discovery" of the skull Piltdauna man, why is the world paleontology 40 years was on the wrong track in the study of prehistoric human development. Piltdauna the man, who was in the first half of the 20th century, was included in the British national treasure, was actually skilled forgeries, made in the laboratory by chemical means - a combination of modern man skull and jaw orangutan.

Second Rikšenova discovery

Second Place "won" by Jan Hen Rikšen that he almost won the Nobel Prize based on doctored statements that he had made breakthroughs in nanotechnology and supreprovodnika matter. Then it turned out that the experiments can not be replicated, it is a record of experiments lost and that the they used identical copies of thermal noise.

3rd Painting of the mouse

Geneticist William Samerlini was "invented" extremely original way to prove the possibility of tissue transplantation regardless of the genetic diversity of the donor and recipient tissue. Thus the mouse with white fur "transplanted" fabric mouse with black fur. Piece of cake, it is painted black felt pen.When his deception was revealed, he became a mental case.

4th Intelligence twins

British psychologist - Bart psychopath Cyril claimed that identical twins inherit identical IQ.Subsequent to prove that the theory has nothing to do with the truth.
After his death (1971) findings have been declared a forgery, but some of his early works to discovering the fraud remained intact''''.

5th Frogs - midwives

Lamarkista Paul Kammerer experimented with frogs - midwives. They are so called because the male carries the fertilized eggs. Unlike most other amphibians, frogs - midwife to reproduce on land.Kammerer decided to force the frogs - midwives to breed in water. I managed, but the offspring died.

6th Equinox

The ancient scholar Ptolemy allegedly watched and studied the equinox, which occurred 36 hours earlier! The astronomer, geographer, mathematician and founder of the geocentric theory that all heavenly bodies revolve around the Earth. The theory is valid for more than 1,400 years, until the adoption of the Copernican heliocentric theory. 

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