Monday, January 7, 2013

Three misconceptions about happiness

It is sad that there are a lot of people in the world who are unhappy. It is tragic that most would be able to live a happier life merely to reject the false opinions which have about happiness. 
Even those who consider themselves relatively happy still stick to some of these untruths. Why?Probably because it's easier to blame others for our misfortune, although the simple fact that nobody else has control over our happiness. We are giving this power to others their choosing. Once you take control of your happiness, we will be happy, but that we could do, we have to solve three popular false opinion about happiness.

One of the biggest false notions associated with happiness is that you need money to be happy. If you give a little time to study the people around you will see that this belief does not cover. Rich people are not automatically happy and poor people are not automatically unhappy. In fact, once you start to observe people and their families, no doubt you will see that there are many rich people who are unhappy and even more poor people who are happy.
The truth is, once you have met the basic needs of life, it does not have a big impact on your happiness. In fact, connecting with happiness by acquiring a certain amount of money is usually a recipe for a very unhappy life. For people who consider the greatest money measure of success will never be enough money, so you will never be happy.

Another wrong idea about happiness is that you need another person to be happy. Happiness comes from within yourself. You are the only person who controls your happiness. You do not need friends or better half for her. You do not need children or grandchildren for her. You can be happy without someone else's approval or fame. Although for human pleasure, and thus it is important to have good luck for the person you care about, it would be a mistake to put too much emphasis on the need for a particular connection.

Thirdly wrong idea about happiness is that you have to have luck (good luck) to be happy. Happiness does not depend on whether you're in luck, but that is open to it, you are looking at the amazing site and allow you to be happy. The same people who believe in the theory that you have to be lucky to be happy are those who believe they do not deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy and everyone can be happy. Do not wait for luck but it is open and you'll find it.
You can be happy and lead a happier life if you just get rid of these three wrong idea about happiness.You do not need money, luck or other people to be happy. You have power over your happiness if you open your heart and life. Be happy. 

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