Monday, January 7, 2013

Time for a new beginning

Time of new beginnings: resentment and anger will spoil the holidays, and I forgive those who have hurt you and really go any further, you will be happier and more optimistic 

Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for him your enemy died, said Nelson Mandela. And it is the holidays a good time to forgive those who have hurt you.

Not only will you be under so much less stressed than you will become more optimistic, happier, and healthier because forgiveness regulates blood pressure, according to a study at Stanford University.

- As the family gathers during the holidays, and the greater the chance for conflicts, you will be less irritable and more likely to forgive if some sleep, exercise and do not drink overplaying - says psychiatrist Catherine Romero. Even if you hurt someone intentionally and shows no remorse, ask yourself whether you are worth ruining Christmas resentment and anger. This time of year is ideal to start over and forget the ugly past. Also, if you are willing to forgive, the more likely you will be forgiven when you make a mistake.
By talking to rid ourselves of anger and resentment

Do not swallow in it hurts and anger, talk with the person who has hurt you and try to find out why he did it. Even if you fail, it will be easier for you to at least the face and told him what you think.
Playing a victim, but revenge will not help

The great mistake is constantly playing the victim, no matter how much they hurt you. Is anyone talking about it and repeating how awful that person, it just creates a circle of negativity and amplifies their pain. Neither revenge is not a good solution because it can worsen the situation.
Be smart and start to hold them at bay

Forgiveness does not mean that now you can blindly trust the one who has hurt you, especially if you do not see that he repented. I'd rather keep it at a healthy distance, and move on, at least until he proves he is worthy of your trust, and that he was sorry for the pain inflicted. 

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