Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unhealthy habits that are may be healthy

Surely you've promised many times that you will stop unhealthy habits. However, the good news is that some unhealthy habits are not that unhealthy. We bring you a list of habits that are known as junk, but some of their benefits.


Most people literally loves a good gossip. This is great for our health. Not only will you learn more by gossiping about the people around you, but you will often laugh rumor, and it is known that laughter has many health benefits. Therefore sit for a coffee and listen, and share juicy gossip, especially if it's funny.

Drinking coffee

While too much coffee can harm the health, in small amounts can be good. When coffee is consumed in moderation, no more than 3 cups a day, it speeds up your metabolism, enhances stamina, reduces the risk of bile stones and bubreÅžih. Recent research has also found that coffee reduces the risk of depression, especially in women.


Squirming as Stu hopping legs or swipe, is often considered unhealthy habit that is caused by stress and anxiety. However, fidgeting can provide power up to 350 additional calories per day, which is definitely healthy.


That is one ugly, but healthy habits. Studies have shown that swearing in certain situations can help, such as coping with stress and pain. The best solution would be cursing reserved only for emergency situations because their impact will be much higher then.

Skip showering

We do not think that showering is not so much that no one wants to approach. However, if you're ever tempted to skip here and there showering, scientists approve. The daily showering reduces the amount of natural skin oils that hydrate her. Showering also reduces the amount of good bacteria that protect against skin diseases. So there's no reason to go occasionally skip a shower.

Temperamental outburst

Most of us are brought up in a way that we think that the excesses of any kind is absolutely unacceptable. In one sense this is true, because the person who often lose control is not exactly the most desirable in society. On the other hand, it's great for your health. Temperamental outburst will in a short time relieved from the stress, anger, anger and despondency. One study even showed that dropouts reduce the risk of heart attack.


In recent years, more and more we warn against exposure to the sun. Excessive exposure can harm.However, brief exposure to sunlight, even though common, can be good for our health. One study found that a daily 10 minutes spent in the sun, can play an important role in people who are deficient in vitamin D in the body. Sun will also reduce the risk of colds or flu.

Fast Food

Regularly going to the fast food restaurant will definitely make people happier. Also, if occasionally eat something from a fast food, your craving for such food will be less than in people who have given up entirely and food. Occasionally treat yourself to fast food, in small amounts will not harm you, and few will be good enough to be happier.


Many of us dream to see it as a sign of laziness or procrastination. However, when your mind wanders in some way, can find solutions to problems that you have, until recently, tortured, so occasionally dreaming. 

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