Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What do your eyes say about you?

The eyes reveal your best character 

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Can they discover more about you and your character? Conducted numerous studies which have shown that the eye can not really say more.

Here we give a fun show to what shape and eye color really talking about you. Of course, you can take advantage of in order to more closely meet their love, and admire his beautiful eyes.


Gray eyes
Often you find a serious and rational. It is hard to read you. Do not allow others to see your true emotions. You believe that your mood is private. See things logically. Do not judge something until you have collected all the facts. Are you sure of what you know and do not have problems in defense of their beliefs.

Blue eyes
They see you as calm and composed person. People rely on your stability. Do not allow other people to see how the sweat. In fact, they themselves do not allow yourself to get a sweat. Mild you and tolerant person. You can calmly assess the situation, regardless of how this can be good or bad. You are not temperamental and difficult to offend you. Rather, you will move on to someone than something to criticize.

Hazel eyes
You are friendly and accessible to people. It is easy to connect with people. You do not allow others to see your anger and try to keep all negativity to yourself. Enjoy the company and are always happier when you're with friends. Other inspire you and enrich your life. You can really open person.

Green eyes
You have an artistic soul, and you have a very good perception. People amaze your original ideas. Do not allow others to see how much you try to be creative. This seems to be accomplished without effort. You are very ambitious and sometimes ruthless. You are determined to get what you want.The condition you have and run over those in front of you to get to the top, but while you are so charming that no one notices!

Brown eyes
They see you as very smart, but do not show too much respect for others. You say your opinion and people will therefore cost. You do not allow others to see your insecurities. You like to pose as courageous person. You are very clever and quick. You are the first to throw a comment or tell a joke. You are thinking very clearly in crisis situations and solve problems perfectly.

Eye shape

Uneven spacing eyes
Individuals with this characteristic shape of the eyes are able to see things from a different perspective. They are awesome and like to analyze things. In other words, they offer a unique insight into a lot of things.

Equal to the distance between the eyes
Persons in the space between the eyes is equal, balanced and have a clear view of the world.

Near-set eyes
People who have close-set eyes look dramatic. But, generally do not have an open mind to the world.You tend to become overly dependent on others, and do not wear well with stress.

Deep-set eyes
This form of eye characterized by intense, possessive and attentive person. People deep-set eyes are idealistic, creative and romantic to the core.

Slanting eyes
There are two types of slanted eyes.
If the eyes are slanted upward ("cat" eyes): These people will do almost anything to get what they want.
If the eyes are slanted down: this person may have a low opinion of themselves and be left at the mercy of others. Almost unable to say "no."

A few more notes
The late Princess Diana and Michael Jackson match the eyes. Their iris "floating" in the eye and see the white (sclera) iris below. This refers to the internal turbulence - a person who is at odds with the world. Although spiritual in nature, it's hard to please them or understand them and have very high expectations of others. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln also had kind eyes.

The white part visible above the iris may indicate some dangerous elements within the personality.They may have an explosive temper and be a very strong character. Caution is certainly desirable in dealing with these people. Charles Manson had this kind eyes. Chinese face readers (fiziognomi) called them wolf eyes.

Reveals everything you look for?
Look expression and eyes is not something you can learn to read, but does not require years of experience in order to learn. In fact we are all more or less instinctively know to read, because we see people in different situations.

People who can not look you in the eye, trying to disguise the inner intentions. Sometimes, however, a shy and discouraged will also behave similarly. In view of these cases is an important factor that helps make the difference between one or the other. Through the practice of "look" can be determined very easily and can detect incredibly accurate characteristics of people who look at it.

Reveals everything you look for? Some views are cool, others ecstatic, angry, weak or strong. That view can change the look and appeal of the whole person. Delicate facial features offset the harsh and unfeeling or cruel and tough look. Always balance the assessment of the character and appearance of the eyes that are in front of you 

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