Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What most we forget?

All things forgotten at least 5 a day, usually return your call 

The important thing is not to forget, but the little things on a daily basis. So people will always finish what should have been on the job, but will return your call or forget to take out the garbage

Forgot to call someone, buy something in a store or a friend happy birthday? Do not worry, this is the normal result of a modern lifestyle, a British survey has revealed. More than half of people think that because they often forget they are trying to do more things in less time while a quarter thought they got too many tasks to remember. The problem gets worse with age, and the number of things that we forget doubles in age. On average, every day people forget about the five things you are supposed to do, and most are calling back or answering e-mail.

- Forget the basics and remember those complicated. So we will not forget to finish what we started on the job, but we forget to throw garbage - said a spokesman for the company that conducted the survey Avery, Gregg Corbet.

About 12 percent of people every weekend to wake up out of my mind because they forgot to turn off the alarm set for the job. Seven out of ten people admitted that they can not live without my to-do list because it would certainly forgotten something.
20 things you usually forget

First Respond to the call that we could not occur

Second Respond to e-mail

3rd Names of people

4th Happy birthday

5th Mobile recharge

6th Passwords

7th Remove the meat from the freezer

8th Give plants water

9th Take the paper from the printer

10th Throw trash

11th Do laundry

12th Shut down alarm

13th You bring your own food to work

14th Keys

15th Glasses

16th Wallet

17th Anniversaries

18th Wash hands

19th Where we parked the car

20th Where we put something in the home 

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