Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we are saying by hands?

According to the man's fingernails, on the sleeve of his jacket, his shoes on, his knees on his pants, according to the callous on his finger and thumb, by his expression, by his shirt cuffs, by his gestures - for each of these things are clearly reveals the man title. To all of this together will enlighten capable analysts in any case is almost inconceivable. 

Sherlock Holmes

The thing is how you looked when you said something, not what you said.

What we are saying hands?

During the evolution of the human hand were the most important tool. Between the brain and the hand is more connections than to any other part of the body. When someone starts to open and tell the truth, it is very likely that the other person to expose the whole or part of the palm. When children are lying or hiding something, they often take refuge behind the palms. Similarly, a man who wants to hide where he spent his last evening when he was leaving with a friend, the partner would be able to hide your hands in your pockets or under the arms crossed. And when a woman is trying to hide something, they will try to avoid the topic or talk on a variety of unrelated things at the same time doing a variety of other activities.
Palm facing upwards is submissive, threatening gestures, while you palm facing down to look authoritarian. Cross the arms, your credibility is very reduced. Transferring one or both hands across his chest and creates a barrier to unwittingly trying to get away on unwanted circumstances.You can feel at ease with her arms crossed, but others will be considered inaccessible. As long as you have your hands in a crossed position, the position remains negative. Clenched fists and arms folded firmly suggest defensive and hostile. Pressing both upper arms as a person trying to take a stronger stand and avoid exposure to the front of the body. It expresses a negative, restrained attitude. When you see a negative decision before it was handed down, you can change the approach. Anxious or fearful men usually hand furniture or clock cufflinks on your shirt, checked the contents of the wallet and rubbing his hands. Sitting on a chair with his elbows leaning on the arm revealed in the position of power and integrity of the transmitted message. Skillfully touching elbow to three times the chance of getting what you want. The elbow is considered a public part of the body that is far removed from the private parts and touching trosekundnim elbow creates a momentary connection between two people. In Italy and France, for a person who has a raised hand, while holding the listener suspended arms or back. If you want to stop, touch his arm. Therefore, it is assumed that the Italians and the French are very close because it constantly touching during conversation, but they're actually trying to limit the movement of the hands of the person you talk to and download the word. Rubbing hands is a sign of non-verbal communication of positive expectations. The speed with which means rubbing hands for who believes that one can hope for a positive outcome. Rubbing your thumb on the index finger or thumb on the tips of the fingers movement of expectation of money. Clasped hands show restraint, anxiety or negative mood. If they have held high, indicating a higher frustration. Do you want to look confident and like you have the right answers, the ideal hand position set out in the spike where the fingers of one hand lightly press the finger of the other hand. If a person leaning on hand, know that it is a gesture that is used for seduction. Hands on the back are associated with a sense of superiority, confidence and power. However, if you grab the wrist of the back you'll find frustration and self-control effort. Thumbs to show self-confidence and superiority, and sometimes aggressive.Crossed arms with the thumbs have a double meaning; communicated defensive or negative attitude and superiority.

Handling the rest of the ancient human past.
In most countries, women who reach out decisively, they are more open, and leave a better first impression.

There are three basic attitudes when handling:
Dominance is transmitted by turning-hand so that the palm faces down. Power and control are less important to women, and some women resort to a soft grip implied submission, or indirectly underline femininity emphasized that it is possible to dominate. A business opportunity that is very bad because the business partners will not take it that seriously. Women should use a firmer grip, especially in the handling of men.
Obedience to-hand to offer so that your palm is facing upwards. This grip can be effective if you want to give up control or else allow him to feel that the situation.
Gender-handling firm in which both palms remain in a vertical position. The vertical position of the hand creates a sense of equality and mutual respect.
Two-handed grip is popular around the world and performed with a direct look into the eyes, sincere smile and confidently repeat the names of people with whom we shake hands. This grip increases the amount of body contact, giving control of the recipient and the initiator of the operation seeks to convey the impression that it is honest and trustworthy. 

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