Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why do you keep chasing for something?

When you constantly chasing after something higher, new, different, it means to get out of the emptiness, difficulty or pain that hoarding things, titles, success, partners are trying to fill or heal. 

Desire for progress and discovering something new is the basis of healthy human psyche. No one feels good about stagnating. However, this healthy desire for progress and discovering something new can be converted into the right megalomania. More money, more success, more attention, more clothes, more sex, more recognition, more plans, more - of everything. Never enough. In fact, only when we've had enough, we are able to perceive, feel, experience what we have.

Many of us are growing up in a lot of the parents got what they did not need in exchange for what they need. Some of us have been in exchange for the warmth and love of getting things, they got some candy, some praise from the school. In this way we have learned to emotionally evaluate what is actually a sign of warmth, caring, loving.

The meaning of activities
If the father is absent because of work, so his absence is trying to make up stuff (so that nothing is wrong with the child), his attention is identified with material abundance.

If it is a girl, it means that her first love object of the opposite sex (the father) in exchange for giving yourself clothes, makeup, comfort ... It is possible that the girl later became digger to choose men by a similar code somewhere because it carries the message that the love and attention that its only merit is that they lead to exotic trips and buy expensive perfumes.

The fascination with the new and unknown, which makes the constant raking forward often offsets, external manifestation of the inner quest for love. Restlessness that always makes you look more and actually keeps us from peace that we can create and nurture only on the inside. When you're constantly on the plans and ideas for a faster, more, better, it means to ignore that is emotional and intuitive side of life.

Syndrome never quite manifests itself in many different ways. Besides the accumulation of things, it can be a word about trying alternative methods of creating romance, the pursuit of business success - any activity that ritual or repetitive or compulsive yearning of so constantly thinking about it.

Why do you need more
Modern man is often a slave to these so-called procedural dependencies that seemingly cure the problem, and actually detract from the problem. Any dependence on the activities of kills the experience and meaning of the activities.

In addition to internal gaps to be filled somehow, there is another major driver of the phenomenon can never have enough - envy. Some more, so I want too. Someone better, so I have to catch up.Thinking in this way we give ourselves the message that we are always worse than anybody, we're always somewhere behind. Therefore, what we have is never enough, nor even to live is never good enough.

In this way, we leave ourselves the mental projections, the images themselves, where we caught up with one who is awakened in us envy. Whenever you feel that you lack something permanent, something that you can not get enough, you know that it is a specific kind of escape from a deeper problem.

Just enough
As we progressed into a rhythm that is natural to us, it is important to be able to sense when to stop and look at what is behind us.

Slowness is often efiksnija of speed and it is here and there most simple - relax. When we feel and understand how we got to the present situation, the time is still quite different. Looking at his actions have the opportunity to learn from both the successes and from mistakes and failures. There is no better incentive for progress in the future from a sense of satisfaction with the way things are at present. Outside the race called never enough to gradually transform the interior called the race just enough. So, if you're in fifth gear, slow down and think about what you They threw in that speed.

When striving for more-faster-better, we forget to be present in that primary - the taste, smell, color and touch. Think about it - life is there to make progress within, and not outside of it. Basically everything should remain an experience of life.
When you constantly chase for something higher, bigger and better, it actually means to run away from the inner emptiness and pain, which can be cured only by face them inward view. 

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