Monday, January 7, 2013

Why is it healthy to daydream?

6 reasons why it is healthy to escape into a world of his own thoughts. 
Dreaming entails a good deal of negative connotations. Usually associated with a waste of time, childish view of the world by irresponsible people who easily draw attention away from important issues like jobs and serious everyday. Many people escape into a fantasy world in different parts of the day. Taking a shower, lying in bed before going to sleep, commuting, and many of the time at work, when dreamers.

Fantasies are some so severe that they can turn into a real nightmare, which is even Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield called 'Daymare'. Daily sea occur during the day and states of wakefulness, and may be accompanied by strong pressure in the chest, and you feel during nightmares.

Although the never-ending sense of anxiety and fear, mental strain, thinking about negative feelings and we can help as well as thinking about the positive feelings. Such thinking warns us and helps us to react in dangerous situations that may occur.

In addition, daydreaming brings many more benefits.

First Opens the mind

When we are lulled into everyday life, we often happens that we forget what we really want out of life.Dreaming helps us to understand if we are unhappy with what and what we wanted to do to change their current situation. In this way, we learn about ourselves and getting to know.

Second It reduces stress

Dreaming helps us relax and is a natural remedy for stress. Imagining nice pictures and moments during a stressful day full of obligations, helps to reduce stress levels.

3rd Encourages motivation

It is often said that a positive attitude and thinking about their own goals can greatly contribute to achieving them. After all, every success begins with a person's dreams.

4th Prevents boredom

Many people work at jobs where they spend a lot of time alone or doing routine tasks during which they dream it easier to live a day. Also, daydreaming helps to take a break from the boring business meeting or a relative of a story we've heard a thousand times at family gatherings.

5th Reinforces love affair

Out of sight, out of mind - may not be true, because daydreaming about loved ones reinforces good relationship with them, especially romantic relationships. When we think about pleasant memories and beautiful moments together, it seems as though they relive.

6th Prevents conflicts

Many times in conversation with someone saying something that we did not think and do not control their actions. Dreaming helps us go back in time and re-think about a situation. It helps us to understand why something went wrong and the next time we know how to react in a similar situation, but also to discover that we ourselves might have been wrong. 

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