Friday, May 17, 2013

How emotions affect you?

If you know how emotions work, and what happens in your body when you are sad, angry or happy, the better you control your actions and behavior.

As sentient life affecting the general resistance, good health is the most important to be optimistic.Emotions, feelings, affect the behavior and reactions of people and we were able to control them, we need to find out how they work.
There are a lot of different feelings, and they are more anger, sadness, happiness, fear, love, surprise, disgust and shame. Each of these has shades of emotion, and sometimes it happens that more of them combine and occur some brand new modalities.
Every sensation involves certain reactions of the organism, which are normal and necessary, but when they are too strong or frequent, can lead to organic disorder. Here's how it is most often expressed feelings reflect on you.

Increases blood flow to the hands, accelerated heart rate and increases the level of hormones that provide the energy necessary to take action.

It helps us get over some irreparable loss. Sorrow follows the decline of energy and optimism.Withdraw within himself, bemoaning the fate, we reduce bills and think about how to act when we restore power.

Increased activity in the brain that is responsible for stopping the negative feelings. Rising energy levels and people with a lot of enthusiasm approach to each task.

Blood from the face and other parts of the body pulls the feet, to prepare for the flight.

Love and affection
Activates the center of the brain that brings you to a state opposite to that which leads to flight or fight. Fills you with a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Eyebrows are raised high for us to increase the field of view and that pupils received more light. In this way, we get more information about what's going on.

The mouth curled down and nose shrinks. These are gestures that are made to be thrown out of the mouth or bad taste in order to avoid an unpleasant odor. 

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