Friday, May 17, 2013

Music and emotion

Music is good for the people. Music today is easily accessible to everyone, and its its effects are often taking for granted. It covers not only entertaining, cultural  effects has hidden "powerful" effects. 

Science still has not further addressed the question of whether or innate understanding of music to be learned. Sounds themselves are no inspiration. They can not frighten me, nor cause us to cry. But the sounds of music still have such an impact on us.
Ous team from Leipzig in Germany close to the answer. In two experiments otriveno is that the people who had contact with Western culture and its music are able to recognize feelings as they are transferred. The people who helped in the experiment was the Mafa people from the northern Kameruna.Njima scientists played a computer generated piano music as well as other types of tango music kkao, Johann Sebastian Bach, etc..
When listening to music, the respondents were to connect the music with a certain look on his face; 19 respondents identify yourself three feeling - joy, sorrow and danger. Therefore, the researchers felt that they feel for the inherent tone.

Also science team from UK radio is similar experiment, only this time the participants watched facial expressions while they played music. In the experiment, launched a series of happy and sad music excerpts, and after being odluĊĦali, watching their facial expressions. For some people they've seen the happy faces, some sad and ultimately neutral. Results have shown that music can affect the strong emotions of people. Because of happy music, happy faces were made even happier, while sad music heightened the impression of melancholy. 

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