Friday, May 17, 2013

Negative emotions

The feelings are so powerful that they were able to raise the level and then immediately cast into the abyss of depression. But they are out of context but should not share the negative and positive. 

All I feel is their function: put us in a state of readiness, establish relations with the environment ... It is therefore very important to understand their own emotions, learn to recognize and follow, writes zena.blic.

Hopeless romantics will be disappointed but science has proven that the heart actually has nothing to do with feelings. Gray Stamnica brain play a major role. Every feeling, either positive or negative, comes from the head.

The brain operates special part is the 'emotional brain'. It receives external impulses, processes them, and activates the body. For example, if you feel the fear, flee or legs paralyze us when we are in love, our hearts beat faster and increases sweating.

The so-called primitive emotions fall fear, sexual excitement or anger. They are controlled by the amygdala, a small nucleus of gray matter, which is located inside the limbic system of the brain. If any damage to this part of the human brain is no longer able to feel the 'original' emotion, fear, but because he can not feel the happiness and love that is in the group of complex emotions which are compassion, remorse ...

The role of emotions

  • Anxiety and concern - defensive emotions because we are prepared to danger or unfortunate event after which we are ready to react properly
  • Anger and resentment - is also helping to defend and not to allow abuse
  • Sadness and melancholy - We need to be able to overcome the shock of losing
  • The passion and tenderness - are needed to build strong and lasting relationships.Guarantee and procreation
  • The enthusiasm and zest - are necessary in order to actually be exercised as
  • Disgust and contempt - keep us from situations and people as negative

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