Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chamomile tea

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Chamomile is an annual plant of the composite family, height 15-60 cm, thin and branched roots, split twice pinnate leaves. Scented flower heads are made up of of bisexual yellow tubular flowers in the middle and white on the edge of the tongue-shaped flowers, which are bent downwards. The fruits are small oblong light-brown Roške with 3 columns. The plant blooms from late April to September. Chamomile is prevalent in almost all of Europe and Asia. It grows in areas exposed to the sun.

Chamomile is harvested primarily cvateći inflorescences sessile. The quality of dried chamomile depends on the time of addition and drying method, and this must take extra care. The rule is that the heads have the most medicinal substances between the third and fifth day after the start of flowering. Harvested heads are dried by heat, but taking into account that the temperature is not higher than 50 ° C.

The use of chamomile is widespread, both in traditional and in official medicine. Since most of chamomile flowers is used for making tea, one of the most popular lijekova.Kamilica a traditional folk remedy for stomach upset, cramps, digestive problems, gastritis, ulcers, to calm nervous tension, insomnia and fatigue.Chamomile is used for rinsing the outside of inflamed skin rash, wounds, burns, irritation, inflammation of the eyes, vaginal washing and baths because of its antiseptic properties. It is used and in kidney, liver and gall bladder.

Chamomile tea is an ingredient that is applied to reduce cramps and colic in infants and children. For stomach problems chamomile combined with mint and lemon balm. Chamomile tea is ukapava in some places, or in the form of wet coating in case of eye infection. Inhalations of chamomile tea are used at the sniffles, infectious and allergic respiratory diseases, sinusitis. Warm chamomile tea is used for rinsing the mouth and gargling with pharyngitis and gums for breathing and refreshes the body and reduces inflammation.Chamomile is also entering the composition of fats and suppositories for hemorrhoids. Washing your hair Chamomile is used for plating blond hair, and dark hair may get lighter ton.Poznata the use of chamomile aromatherapy. Respected and known and obtained fresh chamomile oil. It is equally valued in cosmetics and we say that the body heals and beautifies from the inside out. 

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