Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Communication with partner

Misunderstandings in communication, different views on life, different attitudes, habits, reactions ...these are all consequences of the different functioning of the male and female brain.

In the past, these differences are explained by the influence of tradition, culture, social differences, but science now confirms that we are completely different and that the sentence "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" and how is the truth.

Although long debated whether the differences are a result of hormones, genetics, environmental factors, or something else, it is proved that the first differences can be detected already at 26 weeks old fetus. At this stage of bridge made of nervous tissue that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain is thicker in female fetuses than in male. Otherwise, this part of the brain is more developed in women than in men in the later stages of life, which is why they are no longer talking about and are more adept at communication.
In the 20th century, it was discovered that the female brain is about 10 percent smaller than the male, which lay to conclude that women are less intelligent. This, of course, a complete fallacy, because a few years later proved that brain size has little to do with intelligence. Men and women have equal IQ, and it is interesting that the highest ever recorded IQ is, precisely, a woman.
However, the differences in abilities, perception and functioning of "responsible" is the fact that in the male brain move information faster through both hemispheres, which gives a better spatial orientation. Thus, they are better in space, more responsive, and they have a better memory, more skilled in conversation and empathy. Brain fairer sex is richer nerve cells, giving them a better ability to accept information and a greater ability to be simultaneously concentrated on more tasks.
Known fact that ladies are talkative, verbal open and communicative, a consequence of the fact that the male brain uses only one (left) half of the brain for verbal activity, while the women mostly use both sides of the brain. It is because of these differences, experts say, men after a stroke more likely to remain silent than women, who are statistically more easily and recover faster.
In addition to these clear, physical differences, there are also more subtle, which is mainly related to the way male and female brains perceive the language, information, and emotions. Scientists argue that these differences are the result of evolution, because our ancestors had clearly divided roles and specific tasks in which the opposite sex did not interfere. Thus, experts assume that the parts of the brain over time shaped in a way that facilitated the execution of these tasks. Renowned American neurologist, Dr. Burke, who for years researching the differences between the sexes, explained it is very picturesque and easily:
"It's the same principle as the one you are assigned to fin fish evolution, in order to facilitate moving through the water. Nature is so care for our brains just do not think it took into account the progress of technology, political systems, lifestyles, value systems, and all that man shapes. However, it seems to me that these differences are precisely what is erased any possibility of monotony in gender issues.That's much more interesting. "
In addition to the way we think, the brain determines how we feel and how much. When it comes to the ability to identify and control emotions, women are at an advantage. Much faster and better identify and control different emotions. Thus, Dr. Ruben Gar, American neurologist, argues that women are much better at controlling aggression and anger, whereas men tend to express emotions.
"Do not be angry with your partner if his tongue tie` `` when the conversation gets `
to feelings. Some men are simply not able to discuss them. But that does not mean I feel as intensely as the ladies. They just do not know how to say it "- says Dr. Gar.
However, experts warn that the obvious differences in our brains can not attest to the superiority of one sex over the other, but only the differences with a number of exceptions. Thus, women have historically been great mathematicians and physicists, as well as many men are remembered as a musical virtuosos, top artists and exquisite esthete.

It has long been believed that the differences in the brains of equality restricted to the hypothalamus, which has control of the hormonal system. However, it is now proven that the hypothalamus is only the beginning of the story. The latest discoveries show that the brains of men and women differ so much that we, in fact, we can say that there are two, not one human brain. Anatomical differences, but also the ways in which send chemical signals, "responsible" for the fact that women are better remembered details. Parts of the frontal lobes, which are associated with decision making, increased with the ladies, as well as parts of the brain responsible for some forms of memory. Because it happens to you the same story to tell women "decorated" with the minute details, while a man will transmit only the most important information.
On the other hand, men most of the parietal lobe was responsible for the perception of a stronger sex has proven to have greater amygdala, the part of the brain associated with memory. For this reason a man will always remember the essence of an event, while the ladies usually remember everything except the essence.

* Women are more areas of the brain when thinking
* Although higher brain aging men is reduced faster than women
* Women's brains operate at a higher temperature, which burns more glucose than male. This is why women suffer less from diabetes
* Women are more prone to the social sciences, while men are more prone to natural. This happens because the male brain contains 6.5 times more gray matter, whereas in women the brain contains 10 times more white matter
* Men on intelligence tests tend to fare better than women, but only when they know they are tested
* It was found that female babies have faster reaction to loud and disturbing noises than boys
* Hug for 20 minutes in the female brain produces oxytocin, the hormone of pleasure, the effect of which manifested a sense of trust in the person you are hugging. In men, this process brings irrelevant results
* Scientists say men daily excuses fewer words than women. This difference has a range of a thousand, and even up to 10 thousand words a day
* Women often suffer from double depression, because female brain produces half as serotonin. On the other hand, men are more likely to suffer from autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia
* Research shows that connecting with others through conversation stimulates the pleasure center in the female brain, which is of importance in second place, just behind the center responsible for orgasm
* Men are more likely consume drugs, but women become addicted more quickly and are more difficult to wean
* Women often suffer from chronic diseases and endured the pain. Also, the sexes respond differently to analgesics, and proved that men like best morphine, while the ladies helping less
* Men are starting to forget from 25 , while the women's memory "intact" to 55 age 

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