Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Discard the bad habits

You feel bad, languid, listless, and had just passed noon? I do not know what you, well you are sleeping, eating enough fruit, well you eat, exercise and even here and there a little, and again fatigue and malaise.

Here are some things that just suck your energy, which you are, quietly, entered into a habit:

- Dependence on e-mails. If you constantly stop and stop working to check email, messaging, phone, and a bunch of assorted things, attention span becomes scattered, and you start to feel jaded. Dr. John Salerno of New York explains: "The brain needs a lot of physical and mental energy, multi-tasking, and it spends its energy. A constant distraction from what you do on BlackBerry and other things in the environment it is further hampered and tired."

Solution: Turn off the electronic gadgets in the most productive period of the day, and it is for most people the morning. Instead of each class, check email once an hour, for example. If you think of something that is not work-related, write to remember it later, and proceed.

- Visual crash and burn. We are used to living in a small room full of stuff - a bunch of paper attached to a refrigerator, a desk cluttered folders, documents, accounts, papers, famous painting, is not it?Dr. Salerno says that "the brain notices every kind of disorder, which makes it extra anxiety."

Solution: Um, is it necessary to point out? Clear out anything that is unnecessary, and the minimum necessary things you agree on a smaller area.

- Boredom. Have you ever sat an hour or longer, and you have not touched on what to do, because it's just terribly boring and monotonous? "Lack of motivation tired," warns Dr. Salerno. "Simply put, we love to see the results of their work, and completion of obligations gives us extra energy and momentum - avoiding work us harm," said Salerno.

Solution: Competitiveness. Try to find a colleague or friend to create a little competition - hear or see in an hour and see who has long arrived.

- Poor posture. Slouching and improper sitting and standing is bad for your body. However, hunched shoulders, staring at the screen, or adherence to the phone between your ear and shoulder is disastrous for your energy levels, says Pia Martin, a chiropractor in San Diego. "When you sit for a long time, you tend to bend forward, blaming the shoulder, and burdening the lower spine. Your muscles are tense and blood flow is poor and difficult, which limits the oxygen that comes to your brain":

Solution: Sit properly! The legs should you be at a right angle to the floor, arms at right angles to the table. Be aware of your position and keep your shoulders down, not the level of your ears. Set the computer so that your eyes are looking at the center of the monitor. I do not have to sit all the time - set a timer to remind every hour to get up, stretch and drink a glass of water. And when you return to the table that, have to be reminded of how to properly sit down!

- Overeating. A great meal is something that will surely broken down your energy level in the near future - here's what happens: Ă–zdere like a pig, and how to absorb nutrients, the extra glucose is pumped into your system, and then the body releases insulin to process all that sugar = somnolence, need for a cup of coffee and some sweets. "A better idea is to spread the entire day that normally cram all at once, so that your energy level is approximately the same," says Gloria Tsang, founder of nutritional site HealthCastle.com.

Solution: Eat 3 or 4 hours instead of the usual 6 "Drink fluids throughout the day, preferably water, because you and dehydration makes you tired," said Tsang.

- Life under artificial light. "The natural rhythm of the body is waking up with the sun," says Carol Ash, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Clinic in Somerset, New Jersey. When you open your eyes in the morning and see the first rays of the sun, your brain gets the signal that it helps to set your biological clock for the entire upcoming day. Also, getting daylight brain gets its energy. So if you wake up before dawn, or have available natural light throughout the day, your body feels like it is in a constant jet lag in.

Solution: Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee when you start to criticize the power, reach for shoes and go outside - a combination of physical exercise and sunlight will give you extra energy. "You do not need much," said Dr.. Ash. "Ten to twenty minute walk in the sun is enough to give you energy." 

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