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For each disease grass grows

Heart failure

When heart problems always carry with raisin juice (cvebe) and during operation chew them slowly. The heart muscle will be grateful for it. For the heart is also good to chew on an empty stomach tops of rosemary.
Against permanent cardiac pain helps from walnut tea compartments in the fruit, if, of course, it's not really about the true heart disease. These walnut wall put to boil a few minutes, then remove from the stove pot, cover and let stand for 10 minutes: then strain it and drink it. Tea soothes quickly and, if taken regularly for a little pain stop completely.

Severe heart disease is, of course, not be removed from such a simple means of mitigation. It is understood that in such cases also available, and other natural resources, and opportunities that need to be discussed separately.


If you are disgusted or sweet things you do not smell like food cooked on grease, probably not with your liver is something wrong, so be careful. Of fruits (radish; Raphanus sativus) in a small volume gains and higher hurt. Day may have a maximum rotkvina teaspoon juice.
Against liver problems also helps uncooked carrot juice. Who will prepare the juice, you can substitute grated carrot. With serious liver disorders helps if you hold two-day diet carrots. Its effects can be substantiated salad chicory (chicory, Cychorium intybus), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), or other bitter herbs.
Stop eating fat, the fat fried foods, sweets, and even fruit juices. After a while, the liver down and stop vomiting bile.

Inflammation of the gallbladder

When inflammation of the gall bladder year if the most painful place to put cold milk compresses that needed changing every hour, until the doctor who will decide further treatment. In cold milk, soak a piece of cloth and put it on the sore spot. When the pack warms up, becomes a beneficial effect and replace it with a new one. In light of diseases affecting dairy wraps soothing and inflammation for several hours discounts. Severe inflammation requires a lot of patience and careful care.

Sickness and cramps

If you prenajeli or something, so you deeper into the belly, while denouncing the pancreas (pancreatic), helps the stomach longer shower with hot water. Belly shower on for 10-15 minutes until the skin becomes vivid red. Then put on your stomach lining of roughly chopped onions. Instead showers are good too hot, wet compresses, and instead of port squashed cabbage leaves. Fermentation in the stomach stops spasms discounts and you will soon subside. Food should be chewed well every time and mix well with saliva. If these tips do not help, call your doctor because it could be a hidden penetration of the stomach (perforated ulcer), gallbladder colic or appendicitis.


If you have sugar in your urine or acetone if islets (Langerhans Insula) the pancreas does not work properly, showering belly with hot water two or three times a day to stimulate the pancreas to work (use as described in the previous paragraph).


In the morning, take a glass of carrot juice, a piece of fried bread or a slice of toast (toast) with a little butter, yeast extract and wheat germ.
At noon: vegetable soup, rice or potatoes cooked in the shell, unleavened salad of chicory (Cychorium intybus), some unleavened carrots, or any other freshly harvested unleavened bitter salad. Stewed vegetables enriches the midday meal. For fat baked treats and sweets do not bring to the table.
The menu can be prepared as follows:
1 day: boiled rice, stewed dill, salads;
2 day: cooked peeled potatoes with a little cottage cheese, butter and salads;
3 day: vegetable soup, sandwiches made from black bread, the bread of coarse flour (Graham) or biscuits; coat them with a little butter or bead (mashed) fruit, wraps onions, garlic and sliced ​​tomatoes with, and salads. A little later Kneipp coffee (coffee made from wheat) with some milk but no sugar.
In the evening, the soup made from oats, barley or rice, some sautéed vegetables, a salad, flavored with lemon or sour milk, not vinegar. Alternately serves sandwiches and salad, coffee and cereals and milk. As long as liver disorders, fruit completely omitted.

FIGHTING uric acid

Often the fight against uric acid very difficult. If it does not help parsley, try herbal baths. Use the kind of herbs, which you can get. If you are in your winter store spring plants are very small, with no further use for them baths and if you do not have anything else, use the grass from the garden or a nearby lawn. Grass can also prepare herbal bath. In water bath at 37 ° C heat should last 10-20 minutes. Be completely immersed in water, from which protrudes just keep your nose you can not breathe. Water temperature slowly increases to 38 ° C, adding some hot water, and if it's good submit, raise at 39 ° C. Of course, do not empty the water alone, but someone else from their family. Let the water under vigorously rubbing coarse brush. If you regularly do these baths once a week and if you endure a half hour, you will solve the problems in the end.
Packs of crushed cabbage leaf and vegetable juices can also operate conveniently.
Prohibited foods rich in alkaline substances. Disconnect from eating egg yolk, liver, kidney and thymus (Bries), ie all internal organs, as well as alcohol.

LIPOV charcoal

Who suffers from excess stomach acid, inflammation of the stomach or intestinal lining and long-term consequences of jaundice, it must certainly take carbon powder and the best linden charcoal. Carbon powder can be taken with milk: despite the fact that the milk in liver disease, prolonged jaundice is not recommended, what with coal works very well.

Itching and burning

Each itching at any place was, it's pretty uncomfortable. It helps us to peel the potatoes unleavened, cut them into slices and place it natare that itch. It also can make with grated potatoes. Such a procedure will not harm even the facial skin. At the same time care should be a given load off the kidneys. Itching can also be caused by liver disease. In this case we have to introduce a diet of liver and take the necessary measures. Diabetes and worms can also cause itching in sensitive individuals causing him even popular arnica.

Alternating COMPRESSES

When we want to revive the flow of blood stops, it is best to use alternating lining that miraculously eliminate downtime.
Hot water or herbal compresses put into this case for 3 minutes, then replace them with cold ones just half a minute. Lining changes every 20-30 minutes. A similar act when we walk on water; groping 3 minutes in warm, then half a minute in cold water. When we perform alternating baths of the entire body, or just the limbs remain in warm water for many minutes as we were seconds in cold water. In doing so, we can not shake, but we have to feel good all the time heated.


Herbs that favorably affects an organ is used also externally as a healing poultice. This agrees with the collected different experiences. Plants for the kidneys, as zlatnica (Solidago Virga aurea), leaves of birch (Betula alba), horsetail (Equisetum arvense), or others, we can crush or grind the freshly placed on the skin around the kidney. Outdoor use will significantly bolster internal treatment.
Fresh herbal compresses well affect the lymphatic system and standstill in the circulating blood. Treatment of fresh herbs very easy to use from the outside. When we use the leaves of sorrel (Rumex acetoza) or large sorrel leaves (curled dock; Rumex obtusifolius) and leaves of rhubarb (Rheum officinale), and lay on the ground on those parts of the body where congestion, bruising, swelling, etc., to achieve a beneficial effect replaces any expensive wrap with medication. Use sheets can be various wild and garden plants, other than toxic. The leaves of poison sumac (Rhus toxikodendron) can cause a rash. Likewise, we can not in any case use nightshade (Atropa belladonna) and other toxic plants. They have the right to use only experienced specialists and doctors who treated plants. Other coverings of the leaves, such as. cabbage and the like, can be used without hesitation. If you compress too mellow, you can download it and thus reduce the effect, so it rather from time to time re-placed.
In this way we have at hand a very simple supplies.

Packs of cabbage LEAVES

Curative effect of cabbage leaves, everything is known, and about what we already speak the ancient herbalists. Laying crushed medicinal plants on the sick parts of the body or bodies, after all, is not anything new. Personally, I am a long time ago against inflammation of nerves in certain areas laid crushed leaves and flowers of St. John's wort and had great success. For wounds that I have a good picking barefoot mountain herbs I passed the freshly crushed speedwell (Veronica officinalis), cover sheet virka (Alchemilla vulgaris) and all linked together with a handkerchief. So I can freely go on and do their job. Early we no longer bother since it is fast and well zacjeljivala.
Who suffers from kidney disease can crush or grind fresh birch leaves and Zlatnic (Betula alba, Solidago Virga aurea), and put the pulp in the area above the kidneys and connect warm scarves. Hot water bottle or hot water bottle can facilitate action. I've always wondered anew success of this and similar experiments with packs of fresh herbs.
Indians in the Amazon chew fresh herbs before being placed on the body part treated. Therefore, the recommendations of the healing lining of the cabbage leaf was not anything foreign to me. Growths on the leaves of cabbage works excellent. Cabbage leaves alternating with clay compresses are beneficial against cancer. It happens that in the beginning of the abdominal tumor stronger, but later on discounts. Cabbage leaves can act very strongly, urge to urinate, form a bead, or a secreted juices, so that leaves the body easily dries. The experiments which I made on it, using the instructions and advice of ancient herbalist, still we reconfirmed the beneficial effect lining of the cabbage leaves.
Cabbage leaves still have available, so why not for the treatment of crushing wounds, tumors and internal inflammation, except medicines for oral use, placed on the outside leaves of cabbage. If one day we put the lining of the cabbage leaves, and the second day of clay, we will have great success and amazing effects especially in chronic diseases. How often can we use such simple means prevented by surgery, cutting with a knife!
With onions and fresh horseradish also achieve beautiful success. Against moss works well mash fresh presličina (Equisetum arvense) and marigold (Calendula officinalis) leaves. We may also use tempered wheat that first grind to a pulp, then mix with the aforementioned tea. And it is also effective and beneficial.

Tips and precautions for various ailments

1 The body can be strengthened and appropriate skin care. Skin scrub brush every day so slightly flushed; natare then St. John's wort oil or oil for skin care, which is St. John's wort. Who does such oils, some use olive oil. It is enough to rub the skin every second or third day.
2 Strictly we should be careful that we do not have cold feet. If our feet are cold, helping baths and massage.
3 We make sure that our intestines working well. Against the hard stool in the morning and in the evening we tablespoon freshly ground flax seeds in Switzerland known as "Linosan."
4 We must, on the other hand, and diarrhea that depletes the body. The simplest remedy for diarrhea are unleavened, dried oatmeal. Intestinal disturbances we prevent fermentation and also good food by chewing and mixing with saliva. To eat slowly, chew food well and mixed with saliva.
5 It is understood that the height treating health benefits. Who the hell can afford it, let it by no means fails.If, however, you can not go to the mountains, enjoy the good sea air, provided he is healthy and clean. Should strictly be careful not to stay near factories and highways.
6 High awareness of mental illness prevents to the sick means to godliness.
7 Breathing exercise also benefits the general good condition. Each biologically oriented doctor will welcome the natural defense procedures and treatment and will at the same time look forward to success.

Here are some great tips and recipes based on the experiences of folk herbalists throughout history.

Hay fever (runny nose)

How nettle help with all allergies, hay fever and allergy, it will in a relatively short time disappear if you drink three to four cups of nettle tea a day, in addition to three teaspoons of Swedish grenčice diluted tea.

Deterioration of bone tissue (osteoporosis)

With fragmented or ground seeds Orlovac achieved by deterioration of bone tissue (as with bone tumors or inflammation of the bone marrow) beautiful success. Should drink per day, divided into four sections, two cups of Yarrow tea. The two pint cup every time we put half a teaspoon of ground seeds Orlovac. Yarrow full baths 200 g herbs for 20 minutes, so that the heart above the water surface (water bath, heated, we use two more times) is applied once a month. In addition, each day squeeze the body with tincture stolisnikovom.Flowers harvested in sunlight fill the bottle up to the neck, pour 38-40% grain spirit and leave in the sun for 10 days.


Often gargling tea of ​​finely chopped leaves knotty strupnika or finely chopped cleavers eliminate goiter, whether internal or external. Strupnik found on the banks of streams, in ditches and wet forest bushes. There unsightly reddish flowers and dark green oblong pointed leaves. These have a pungent odor similar to that bazgina leaves, so that the smell can not replace it with another plant. While the strupnika take only those tea leaves is a deep gurgling, but I do not drink, on cleavers collect the whole plant with flowers, deep gurgling and occasionally drink an occasional sip of tea. Friends in Vienna in February in 1979. The grown quite visible goitre. She was afraid of the surgery and my advice in the spring, just as in nature, found the first cleavers started gargle. Cleavers pour hot water, hot tea is a deep gurgling. A year later delighted told me that her husband was picking fresh cleavers, from the beginning he felt as goitre gradually becomes smaller until it is gone.

Pulmonary emphysema

Pulmonary emphysema occurs similar to asthma and heart disease, the thyroid gland that occur with breathing difficulties, mainly due to the damaged liver. Pressure up causes liver swelling and enlargement of the bronchi, lungs and heart. Constant pressure on the liver sensitive thyroid gland stimulates the emergence of the disease process. In this case, the morning drink a cup of regular wormholes, during the day we put in four hours of the lining of the elixir of Swedish grenčice (See 'Swedish plants "," ways of using "!), While at night, on the contrary, we put coverings horsetail softened steamed. handful horsetail put in a sieve and steamed to soften and warm up. wrapped in a linen cloth placed on the ailing liver. liver Pressure discounts and gradually terminated anxious breathing.


With heavy menstrual bleeding drink in the morning on an empty stomach half hour before breakfast cup of tea the next, well mixed herbs: arnica flowers 25 g, 50 g of valerian root, 25 g Iceland lichen, 25 g lemon balm, yarrow 25 g and 25 g of sage. At 1/4 quarts of water put the top full teaspoon of herbal blends, Opara and let it sit for three minutes. Tea should continue to drink and when to normalize menstrual bleeding.Plants create a good feeling in the stomach, relieves menopausal disorders, and its effectiveness lasts for years.


For cleansing the body usually advises the use of horsetail - ponytails. Dried chopped distaff pour hot water and drink as a tea. 

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