Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to be popular in the society?

It is known that the first impression is very difficult to change. Are you going to like someone depend on you.

Many people do not know how to make contact with the caller. Phrases can help in establishing a contact, but not enough when a nodding acquaintance want to turn into a deeper relationship.Phrases used as an aid, not as a method for converting casual contact in a deeper relationship.

Therefore, learn how to behave when you meet new people.

1 Make eye contact,

Interlocutors always look directly into his eyes and read the body language. Kindly osmehujte because you will be so people perceived as friendly and warm person.

2 Let us all take part in the conversation

Do not dominate the conversation. Pay attention to who is not participating in the conversation and turn it on. Each of us likes to be accepted.

3 Listen while others are talking

One of the reasons why friendships end with only superficial contact is the inability to hear the caller.If the contact you want to deepen note that achieve real dialogue. People who know how to really listen to the favorite. In addition to listening carefully, and know how to signal that they are fully saživeli the story. And those people who keep saying, and who can not get to tell anyone not sympathetic.

4 Do not be a know-it-all

People who know everything and nowhere wrong act repulsive and frightening. No one wants to hang out with someone who always makes smart and knows all the best. If too much emphasize their skills and abilities in the sciences, culture, before you start to prevent a closer relationship with the caller, but you'll have interest in him. He will retire thinking that you will not up or offer resistance that borders on hostility.

5 Say something nice

Make compliments the other party. You win the sympathy that will last forever.

6 Stay up to date

Those persons who are well informed about daily events may be included in any conversation. The conversation can start on some of the most recent events, express opinions, and then ask the caller what he thinks about it. If you happen to start interlocutor topic that you have no idea, be curious and ask a question. This is the reason that the conversation continues.

7 Laugh to your account

The joke at their own expense, or the story of where you have fallen dagađaju funny, it will attract people and cause them interested in you. Those jokes at their own expense radiate positive energy and warmth. 

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