Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life and its meaning

Life begins to make sense only when we realize that is not getting us anywhere. 
(PD Ouspensky)

In his novel, Strange Life Ivana Osokina Ouspensky shows the journey through the microcosm of this world experience. Spin in a circle and repeat experiences, futile struggle of personality to their limited perspective from birth to death, finding some meaning.

Ivan Osokin in one of their lives in one of the wheel of life turns, unhappy circumstances in which the wizard is facing a teaching-someone who is familiar with the mystery of life and death, and asks for help. But he still believes that he can find happiness at the horizontal level and seek help at this level, thinking that everything would be better, if only to get another chance. While the wizard is the one who can really help him, unable to give him something that he still does not scan, which is not aware of and gives him what he wanted. Another chance, and another, and another ... knowing the hopelessness of it all. I Osokina experiences are repeated, with no difference in outcome. It seems that luck is only narrowly escapes.

The conditions are always a reflection of inner reality and human structures while with his conscious and unconscious hand, it does not change no change of life is not possible. Nor any help from the outside is not possible until the person really does not understand that it experiences in itself does not lead anywhere.

Anywhere except to the limited knowledge of where he was captured and longing for light and freedom. To be settled in the light of the man and led him to true freedom I needed to open the door of the heart and make room for him.

An important character in the novel Zinaida. Girl Osokina of life, which is in a special relationship. There's a strange feeling as if they are already familiar. And even though he wanted to be with her feeling that this is not possible, for reasons she fails to explain rationally. Zinaida means that it belongs to Zeus, and can be seen as the spiritual element in man, the immortal aspect of women who want to connect with a man - personality, but the man even though he feels attracted to him, not in a coma unable to respond to the call, finding excuses and flee while feeling the discomfort and dissatisfaction. So Osokin always loses. Again returns to the wizard trying to start all over again and get into a better position in which it seemed to him that everything would be different. But nothing changes and everything remains just an unattainable dream.

For the solution of the problem can not be at the same level of problem.

And at a time when, for the umpteenth time, find the wizard, Osokin finally starting to realize, begins to remember ... there is a sense of deja vu ... that everything was and will be again if something does not change significantly.

Just nothing important can not be changed until it is changed. And that change is possible only if you surrender to the other, unearthly force that is invoked for years, but it is not followed or applied in the right way, and if she now sacrifice their will and dedication to her own strengths and abilities. Because it is the only way through it can for him to act.

And time is running out. After missed opportunities every subsequent opportunity for change and re-contact with the helping power lights all the more difficult and uncertain.

I like the wizard explains Osokina, a man can only give what he can use, and can only use it for something is sacrificed.

Since human sacrifice is required sevenfold, all that he is a man of the earth. Seven years of the wizard asks Osokina symbol of that sacrifice.

We have to give in order to receive. Anything to be gained everything.

Because when a man discovers a secret he has something to do with it.

Whether you accept the theory of Russian philosopher PD Ouspensky about reincarnation as a repetition of the same still life, or a collection of different experiences in different roles, knowledge of beizlaznosti circular flow of life forces man to change.

Osokin left the decision whether to give it another try earthly forces "fix" your life and get Zinaida. Or will admit that I can not do anything, forget yourself and surrender to the service of the Light. Will understand that fact - who serves the Light serves himself?

With the decision to confront any man-seeker.

In it lies the fulfillment of mystical paradox.

"Who wants to keep his life, he will lose it, and whoever lay their life for my sake, he will get it."

This is the only path to freedom.

He has insight into the limitations of the current state of existence, the desire for change and delivery of effective trust Lights, force us into another kingdom. Handing in particular the means of harmonizing his life with the laws of the other kingdoms that are stored in the immortal core microcosm and gradually reflected from the inside out.

This is possible when a passing desire personalities begin to fade before the primal desire of the soul is tired of the nonsense and wants to live a life that is destined - as a bridge, as the element that connects the personality with the Divine Spirit.

If a person persists in such a way of life that is driven by the growing mental element then he really goes through transfiguration, true change and connecting spirit, soul and personality. He goes to his destiny of becoming the new man who is no longer spinning round of birth and death but builds on imperishable foundations, together with all those who are one in eternity. 

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