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Red Tea

Rooibos - Red Tea (Aspalathus linearis)

Rooibos is a shrub that grows in South Africa and whose leaves are used for making tea. Homeland Rooibos bush, unique plants that are mostly used for preparing tea beverage known to the called Redbush, Rotbusch, "Red Tea" and "red bush", a dry plateau of South Africa, the Cedarberg in the province, about 250 km away from Cape Town . Roobios red tea is very popular in South Africa and is consumed in many other countries. literally means "red bush", and only grows in South Africa. The leaves are oxidized until they are reddish brown. What makes Roobios great alternative and green and oolong and black tea is that rooibos tea (which is also known as "red tea") is the amount of caffeine and tannins is negligible and his drinking of large quantities does not interfere with the absorption of iron.

On the other hand, rooibos is rich in flavonoids, phenols, polyphenolic acids (aspalatin, catechin, luteolin, quercetin, rutin, etc..), And also contains polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, and a number of minerals. This makes it a great antioxidant, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Njegegovim regular drinking, it is possible to maintain health and vitality, slow aging and protect from many diseases.

Rooibos - Red Tea (Aspalathus linearis)
In contrast to the similar effect of tea, chamomile, yarrow or wormwood, Roobios is far better flavor because it contains bitter substances. It is very pleasant taste, which pretty refreshing. They began to appreciate it and recreational athletes as well as low-energy mineral refreshing drink. Roiboos tea act as potent antioxidants and aging. An enzyme that is responsible for this is called superoxide dismutase and relieved at higher temperatures, and binds free radicals generated as a by-product of normal bodily functions. Significantly, it contains many valuable minerals in the form of electrolytes that the body refreshed after any major physical effort. Warm or cold, alone or in combination with juice from fresh fruit, great thirst quencher and provides the body with what it needs.

Ideal drink for diabetics because it contains no harmful oxalic acid, and if you drink a cup of tea before bed ensure you have peace of mind and relax the nervous system because of magnesium and iron in roiboosu which is very much for such a beverage. Roiboos holds a special place in the extra healing medicine for allergies to pollen, various foods and asthma. On hot days it is recommended to drink more than two liters of tea a day, for up for minerals and fluids lost through sweating. Roiboos not contain any harmful substances such as caffeine and protein, so the amount is not limited even for children.

Rooibos - Red Tea (Aspalathus linearis)

Among his many researched and documented medicinal properties, even in severe disease, rooibos tea has proven particularly effective in a variety of food allergies, pollen and asthma and, what is most important to us, skin allergic eczema. Applied directly to the skin has a calming effect. Baths and packs of rooibos tea cooked for 10 minutes, so I can help with irritated skin and diaper rash.

This tea has one additional beneficial properties. In his homeland of tea is this fact became known as "the mother's miracle," and earned him thanks to the beneficial effects of breastfeeding mothers and babies. Tea not only has a calming effect on the mother, but they noticed that when, after drinking a few cups of tea, feeding children, nervous babies dying and cramping in their tummy stop. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the sedative effect roiboos tea without adverse effects and to create dependency. A cup of tea before bedtime can help bring peace of mind, and regularly drinking tea supposedly helps with mild depression. For skin diseases this property is extremely important, since their eruption associated with our proven psychological stress, anxiety and depression. It should be repeated and that rooibos tea contains no caffeine and can be drunk in large quantities.

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