Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steal time for yourself

We all, from time to time need a break in order to find time to themselves and renew their strength. Be inspired by our wellness ideas. With the help of our tips for relaxing prevaricate stress and anxiety and learn to love yourself.

Let's move to the open
Fight fatigue often help going out into the open air as it will soothe the right way! Take a deep breath and feel your lungs are full of oxygen. This will give new energy and elevate mood. Do not have time?With a few minutes of proper breathing in the open window, you will achieve much the same effect.

Packs Care
Water warms the air and the cold of winter are the main culprits for damaging the hair structure.Healthy and shiny hair you will need just a little bit of olive oil: Apply it to washed hair isfrotiranu towel. A drop of lavender oil to operate optimally on your senses. After 15 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly and rinse well.

Foot bath
When caring for your body feet often draw the short end, so they are a little dedication.
Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a few drops of essential oil.
Lavender will act relaxing, refreshing peppermint oil, as well as rosemary oil.

Time for tea
Every now and then a break for the holidays and spend sipping a cup of hot tea!
We recommend soothing teas such as lemon balm, chamomile or green tea.

Our muscles are often tense and painful. Short self-massage with rubber balls in the shape of a hedgehog massage to activate blood circulation and relax the muscles. Advice. A ball massage place between your back and the wall, and then slowly move up and down.

Time for poetry
Take a little time for your favorite collection of songs and poetry that let you enchant.
Or simply let your imagination ...

Sit on the couch. Raise the legs elevated, close your eyes and surrender to the meditative sounds or your favorite music and let it take you away to another world.

Vitamin bomb
You're in the mood for a tasty grub? Prepare a fruit salad with bananas, apples, kiwi and spice it all up with maple syrup. Vitamins will give you the strength and maple syrup will boost immunity.

For a long time did not hear anything about my best friend? Quick call her number because you will be talking with her cheer. And the best you can now arrange for a coffee or hot chocolate ...

Gently stretching
Cats instinctively know that: daily stretching to activate the exchange of substances in your body and make your joints supple. Therefore, we recommend that at least once a day stretch. 

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