Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things do not really have to do

Psychologists say that the best ideas are born while resting in bed and thinking of small and large commitments.

Allow yourself moments and primoravajte myself to do any unnecessary things just "because they are supposed to do." Some of them are:

1 Sort images by years and places, unless you do not relax and meet. Take one large box and pen, write on the cover, "photography", put all the photos in it, close it and do something that you truly fun and relaxing.

2 Going on a second date with a bad suitor. Providing a second chance for the man you have already after the first meeting concluded that failure, but at the urging of a friend, is a waste of time and nerves.

3 Repetition of the same life mistakes. Intelligent person like you, you should not allow yourself to her emotional weakness repeatedly.

4 Over-expression of joy at the success of the business.

5 Thinking about why your friend did not respond to email or sms. Who knows maybe it is not received, you may have forgotten, and maybe even angry about something. Umjetso opesivnog thinking, call on the phone and find out the reason for its failure to report in a conversation.

6 Spending time in thinking that you are attractive enough without clothes. As for men, all women are irresistible with no clothes on!

7 Writing invitations. Except, of course, in the case of marriage. In almost all other occasions Writing (printing) an invitation is a great expense of time and money. Invite guests verbally or by telephone.

8 Writing / reading log. Unless this literary Fotma does not serve as a purifier of thought and a form of psychotherapy. It is much more useful for time out and socialize with friends.

9 Manic measurement of body weight. Your clothes will tell you the same thing, only in a more subtle way.

10th Reading the Kama Sutra or similar texts in an effort to discover the best techniques of sex.Which still need books to tell him what had before and what is not?

11th Thinking about how things could have been, but was not. For those really no need. Go ahead, because the future offers many opportunities!

12th Do something in a way because "they are doing so for centuries." 

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