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What blood type say about you?

Instead astro characters learn how you function (alone and with others) according to their blood group

In Japan and Korea, there is a popular belief that blood type of a person ("ketsueki-gata") provides his or her personality, temperament, and compatibility with other people. It's about something like astrological signs here in the West.

This popular belief, there is 30's of the last century, and extensive research blood type and personality in Japan have reached a peak in the 70-team with publications Masahiko Nome, but have never been less popular. Today you will often hear the Japanese to ask for blood type, but what will you any Westerner ask for an astrological sign.

Most of the Japanese biology and genetics play a role in determining personality. About 90% of them know their blood type, and the knowledge is used for decades in a variety of areas: employers when evaluating job candidates, dating services to find a potential soul mate, even with the company's marketing of soft drinks and other products.

Nowadays the importance of blood groups is increasing in the West. Maybe it's not so ingrained thought to be blood related to the personality of the individual, but the more popular diet (diet) on blood groups. However, the topic we're here to teach: O, A, B, AB, because we will now explain what the personality of the individual blood types, and those who are well matched.

O - A good leader

You are a social butterfly. Often popular and self-confident, you are very creative and you seem to be always in the limelight. You leave a good impression on people, society and are often very attractive. You Organized and determined, your stubbornness will help you reach your goals. You are a good leader. People with blood type O were very energetic and the most flexible of all blood types. They will be easy to start projects but often have trouble with their execution, because it is easy to give up and can sometimes be superficial and unreliable. These people always say what's on their minds. As far as love O is most compatible with O and AB.Common career choices with this blood group: banker, politician, gambler, minister, broker and professional athlete.

A - Organized perfectionist

These people usually look calm on the outside, but inside you are full of care for themselves and others.Luckily, you have a strong and stable personality. You are a perfectionist, thoughtful and very responsible.You are often shy and sensitive and avoid conflicts. Tolerant and you have a lot of patience to listen to others, and are sensitive to their environment. You are responsible and reliable. You like to be in step with the times and fashion-conscious, and to share and spruce. Romantic have souls. And in the field of love najkompatibiliniji with A and AB. Common career choices in the blood: accountant, librarian, economist, writer, programmer, and gossip columnist.

B - Arbitrary individualist

Usually you are very concentrated (and oriented) your goals and you are able to overcome even the most ambitious tasks ahead. Are extroverts and very charming and good at "reading" people, but a little more concerned about themselves than about others. You "play" as a rule only by their own rules. Although you are a critical look at the other (but not your own), you are not picky and probably will not break your head over trivial things. Are the most practical of all blood types. People with blood type B are impulsive individualists who often create themselves and pave their own path in life, so much better work when you work alone rather than with others. You are very strong and optimistic person. These people najkomatibilniji with blood groups B and AB. Common career choices in the blood: cook, hairdresser, military leader, radio and television personality and journalist.

AB - Rational Realist

You is not easy to categorize. Not surprisingly, these people can be quite dualistic - possess a completely opposite qualities of blood groups A, B and features It is possible that you sometimes shy, and at other times very friendly, and confident or hesitant. You are different from others, do not like to label others (or do not like it when someone else does), I agree with all the people you love. You are excellent in negotiations.Usually you are reliable and want to help others. Your patience, concentration and intelligence are admirable. You are very imaginative and creative. And although you are responsible, too much responsibility is your problem. AB can find a soul mate from any other blood type. Common career choices in the blood: bartender, lawyer, teacher, artist, dealer / salesman and a social worker. 

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