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What is your lucky day?

Every day of the week brings good or bad features, because it has a specific meaning and impact. There are various teachings that explain when convenient to do something or not to do a certain day, there is also the symbolic interpretation, which is related to the possibilities that exist for each day individually.

On the basis of the traditional interpretation of the teachings of a Mars operated on Tuesdays, according to tradition, on this particular day began and the battle of Kosovo Polje. Tuesday is advisable to avoid meat, then we should not indulge in any discussion, debate and discussion.

Interpretation for every single day

Mondays: No need to take up anything important, because it is the day of the moon which is believed to be highly variable, and all that is in the start it is "variable" quality (that is variable and cud women). Otherwise, the positive is that fasting on Mondays all persons in the natal chart the Moon is under the bad aspects.

Tuesday: You can perform all the routine functions, which are pre-defined or agreed upon, and that does not require a particular mental activity. This day ruled by Mars.

Wednesday: the best of correspondence, marketing activities, meetings and all meetings, negotiations and short trips. It is a day ruled by Mercury and is considered to be good for socializing and entertainment, but the signing of various documents can be postponed until Thursday (the day of Jupiter).

Thursdays: ruled by Jupiter, the great beneficar (benefactor). On this day we can agree on important business, conclude contracts, engage in financial transactions or any type of learning. The best day for contacts with foreign countries and long-term planning.

Friday is the day of Venus is the right time to commit to your partner, children, family. Excellent for all the preparations for the weekend, holidays, massage, entertainment, relaxation, shopping, nap.

Saturday: ruled by Saturn and the date on to your spirit and give strength to others. Help the sick, the vulnerable, visit grandma or blanket, feed the hungry, visit shrines, tombs. It is desirable to fast on this day all the people who have a difficult Saturn aspects in your birth chart. Also, it is good to spend the day in silence, cleansing, spiritual work.

Sunday: the day the sun - the perfect day for an active vacation, family, and plans for a new week.

Days have accurately determined the meaning of the astrological perception and learning:

Monday: is the day ruled by the Moon. Ideal for home activities, cultivation of plants (especially if the moon is in the growth phase - Young Moon), to communicate with his mother for addressing the masses, to the nation.
This is an auspicious day for the resolution of problems related to mental levels. Also, it has a good impact in psychology, parapsychology, occultism, the magician, is preferable to deal with the subconscious, dreams, astral projection.
Color of the government of the day is a white or silver. It is also a color that can strengthen all of these activities (eg, put on the white when doing meditation research your subconscious).

Tuesday: a totally different vibe. He carries a connotation of action, fighting spirit and temperament.Tuesdays ruler Mars in astrology.
When we for some actions need courage and confidence, it is good to take action just on Tuesdays.
If a uniformed person, then this is for that person a very important day in accordance with his energy.
Color of the government of the day is red.
If you surround yourself with red color, it will encourage us in the burning, throbbing, initial Martian enerigju and give us more courage.
Of course, if someone is already too full of those qualities, it is not desirable potpirivati ​​that energy, that would not be easily transformed into courage crazy.

Wednesday: a very favorable day for the students, and therefore is an auspicious day for the exam.
This day carries the energy of Mercury and is associated with the color green.
Budget and communication of all kinds, reading and writing, korspodenciju, as well as for travel.
It is good that the school or educational institution are characterized as green.

Thursday: is an auspicious day for almost every activity.
It is a day ruled by the planet Jupiter.
Sometime ago, people often got married on Thursday, if you're wondering: why exactly Thursday?Therefore, to get the blessings of Jupiter, which ensures long-lasting, stable happiness (unlike Venus, who knows bring pleasure, but not the durability or longevity, eg the wedding I was under the rule of Venus and happiness in marriage is ruled by Jupiter) . However, nowadays people prefer weekend, usually Saturday or the day when the government Saturn - by entering rigor in their marriage, but also difficulties.
Of course this is the most general effects, as will be really depends on the individual horoscope.
Thursday was an auspicious day for higher education expansion in every way, even when it comes to over-loading of food, because Jupiter has a tendency to increase it all and expand.
Color is ruled by Jupiter lemon yellow, pale yellow (unlike Sun's color (Sunday), which is in shades ranging from bright yellow to a pink and bright red but comes under the sphere of Mars, that is linked to Tuesday).

Friday is a day to enjoy and love.
This is the day when the first-born, or maybe some new sympathy, when we get the desire to be more nurturing, decorates, when we get some valuables as gifts, flowers.
This day is ruled by the planet Venus.
Color that is associated with this day is pink, and some teachings and colorful (Vedic astrology).

Saturday: after all these fluttery day, there was "grim and dark energy" Saturday, it is ruled by the planet Saturn, which many refer to as "master-torturer" primarily putting us know that Saturn does not make difficulties for no reason, but they still have its purpose, and that of course they should get out changed, nobler and wiser.
The day is auspicious to start disciplinovamo to do what we have long delayed; good for coping with what we have long suppressed, especially with fears; energy of Saturn can be "appeased", especially if the day we help the sick, poor and very oppressed.
The paradox that is happening is that people usually go out on Saturday to spend and rejoice, but this day there are more of penance and asceticism, but for some enjoyment.
Color associated with this day is black.

Sunday: This is an auspicious day for - a review of their own ego. Ego can not be destroyed (despite that suggest many spiritual schools), the ego can only - transform, and it is a day that provides an ideal opportunity to work through that process, and that his egoism sebisnost and turn into compassion and empathy.
It relates to all activities related to the heads (and dictators), superiors, fathers, and generally people with authority.
Auspicious day to work with solar energy (eg good start practicing yoga, this solar days).
Color that is associated with this day is yellow or gold. 

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