Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big misconceptions about love

Romantic happy love is the dream of every man. Many of us still believe in the fairytale version of love. These delusions in our head and myths can actually get us away from the right path.

Misconception 1. Blindly believe that only our partner source of pure and eternal love

The belief that only the other person can be a source of love is so big, it's usually not questioned. We "go looking for love" and "we love" in others. Still, it's a myth. The truth is that there is an inexhaustible source of love within ourselves. Each of us has all the love he needs, so basically your being. This is what is the greatest truth. When you find the source of love in ourselves, we can endlessly share with others. Unfortunately, we still somehow fail to disclose it, because it desperately seek love at wrong place.

Misconception 2: We believe that love and compassion should always be reported as the beginning of a relationship

When we fall in love we think it will last forever. Certainly it seems like they want! There is a timeless, eternal quality of the special love we feel then. And no, at that moment by us. However, for almost all initial glow of falling in love fades over time and disappears or is deepening as a more mature love.Many a time, when this experience is over, subsequent to the rivers of tears, we believe that love is gone, and we were all the time with the wrong person. The experience of falling in love is a temporary condition that has only an opportunity to grasp the essence that we both have in ourselves, that is true love.

Misconception  3.: Romantic love will meet all the unmet needs and provide us endless happiness

Today, people expect too much from intimate relationships. Throughout most of human history a romantic relationship did not exist. Today we have high expectations for this type of relationship.The truth is that while we can be satisfied with our partner, no one but ourselves is not a source of happiness for us. Just as with love, happiness is a business that works from the inside. If you are not in contact with a source of joy in it, you will not find outside of yourself. No matter how wonderful your partner will still be a sense that something is missing, because you are not connected with their inner source of happiness.

The real question we need to ask ourselves is whether we want what is real and true and we want fantasy? When you finally accept that these myths are not the ultimate truth, that is the end of fairy tales and start working on the real happiness ...
Find love in yourself to love others and to make others love you! 

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