Friday, August 2, 2013

Find time to relax

We all know that too much stress is a bad influence on our mental and physical health. The list of diseases that are associated with stress is lengthy, and the most common are high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer.

Take time to relax
"Take time to relax," advised psychologists and physicians, and this sentence would often pronounced and your mom. And why not relax, do not slow down and enjoy life?! Even if you know very well that all those things for which women reach when under stress - junk food and cigarettes - have negative effects on the body! So, what's the point? It sounds unbelievable, but true - the activities that relieve stress, like meditation or summer, can become one of his agents.

"Women are starting to realize as a liability, so they added pressure on these activities," according to the researchers. No matter how you approach the problem called stress, scheduling a massage or a bag of chips, you know that's not the only way to solve it. L & W suggests you how to lock in place without a lot of effort into your schedule and "stress relief."

Before leaving for work
Bring something to snack on. Research shows that women, in order to alleviate the stress, reach for sweets such as ice cream or cookies more often than men. A further complication is the fact that, by denying yourself your favorite foods to lose weight, have more desire for it if you are tense. This was confirmed by recently conducted studies showing that people who do dieters have such a need to overeat when they are stressed. Do not deprive yourself nothing. Always have on hand your favorite snacks - peanuts, if you like salty, cheese sticks, if you need protein, and a piece of chocolate to sweeten. That way you will not be tempted to overeat.

When you only have 5 minutes
Actions that include repetition, such as vacuuming, knitting, or uttering words that describe how you would feel (eg, "calm") are a good way to relax. Their "consequences" have lower blood pressure and slow heart rate and breathing, as well as reducing tension in the muscles, and the response of your body to relax. The point is to focus for a moment on a word, or the breath of a movement, and then re-direct your attention to what you are doing. Research shows that repetition of phrases spiritual matters much to help to overcome problems such as insomnia or excitement.

In the bathroom
Wash your hands. When you're under pressure, you are more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections because your immune system is weakened. Hand washing is an excellent prevention - Lather and rinse them 10-20 seconds under warm running water.

In the car
Soft music is a great way to release stress - while driving to work, set the radio station on which play music that you like best. If you are "stuck" in a traffic jam, you may help the following exercise: grab the steering wheel, clutching fingers, and the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back. Repeat this exercise until you start to tremble (4-5 seconds) and then relax. You will feel a "wave of relief" at the top of the neck and arms, all the way to the toes.

Over the weekend
Limit your "visit" to the ATM once a week, which will be placed under the control of their spending habits and reduce the feeling of tension. (Money and jobs are on the list of leading causes of stress.) Weekends write down all the expenses that you know exactly where you stand with money - how much you owe, how much you interest on loans, monthly income and the amount you have.Konkretneradnje related to finances will make you feel much better.

For recreation
Go to the pool! Refresh and relieve stress: new study conducted in Sweden showed that float on the water relaxes and reduces stress hormone levels. 80% of respondents felt much better after the half-hour stay in the pool - they were less tense and depressed.

In the evening at home
E-mail and cell phones are the main "culprits" which often carry a business and home. Blurred boundaries between work and private life leaves little time to rest. Advanced technology is one of the major causes of chronic stress, and most people constantly kept on their toes and alert. Conducting business call from home increases stress, which is then transmitted to the family. Technological innovation to subdue them, turn caller ID on your fixed and mobile phone or respond to calls after business hours. You can not separate yourself from your network and computers?! Identify yourself when you view a list of calls and messages (eg, after dinner).

Here is the big change in life
Remember the past success and how did you overcome some stressful situations such as breaking up with a loved one and changing jobs. The moment you feel that you can not solve a problem, look back and realize that you have felt this way before - but you've managed to overcome it. Talk about your feelings with close friends, talking to people who lived through the same thing you do is very useful.

Before going to sleep
Doing yoga in my pajamas - "ordinary" stretching the spine will help you sleep better by reducing tension in the lower back that you feel throughout the day. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, put your right arm behind you and lean on the surface, and the left knee to the right place. Stand up and breathe 4-8 times, stretching the spine during inhalation. During exhalation, start to turn to the right hand (do not twist the neck only, but the whole back). Stay in this position and take a deep breath and exhale four more times, stretching the spine while inhaling and twisting more and more to the right hand during exhalation - as long as you can. Repeat this exercise on the other side. 

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